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How was it then?

I was raised in Limay Bataan, Philippines, but after an accident during my childhood, my parents made the choice to move to our home in Pandi Bulacan, Philippines. When I was younger, I wanted to work as an interior designer but since studying interior design was expensive and my father couldn’t return to work abroad after my accident, I decided to consider pursuing civil engineering as I grew up despite my strong desire to become an interior designer.

I studied science, technology, engineering and mathematics during my eleventh year of secondary school and spent two years getting ready to pass the civil engineering college entrance exam. Since I am not a particularly bright student and find mathematics to be very challenging, I can honestly say that during those years I really struggled and shed many tears. I took my college entrance examination for civil engineering and I failed. That day felt like the end of me. I cried, thought back, and realized that if I didn’t act right away, it would eventually be the end of my dream. Even though I didn’t have any money on hand at the time, I took a private university’s entrance exam, applied for scholarships, and passed. Despite having no prior knowledge and background since I got no option to choose, I enrolled without hesitation in Industrial Engineering.

You might be wondering how old I am as I write this as you read my story – I’m currently 23 years old. Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck us, I was forced to work while studying. Due to the restrictions put in place during the pandemic, my father had difficulty providing for our needs. I applied to work as a purchasing officer at a production company so that I could support myself and pay my tuition. However, I found it difficult to work with them so I tried to apply to another company.

I took the exam for a new company and was granted an initial interview. But after that, I got an email telling me I didn’t get the job I applied for. I was afraid at that time but I noticed I received a message request on Facebook. At the same time I received the email, I received also a Facebook message from a complete stranger. It was a job advertisement for Smiles Mobile Remittance. I was initially hesitant to send a resume because I didn’t know who she was and I was worried that it might be a scam, but I was determined to find a great opportunity.

How is it now?

The person who sent the job ad on my Facebook was Smiles Mobile Remittance’s HR Manager. I am astonished by the Lord’s work in me. I started working for Smiles Mobile Remittance last February 2022 as a customer service representative and transferred to the marketing department as Marketing Staff and now I am working with them as their Philippine Marketing Team Lead. Smiles Mobile Remittance is a blessing to me because they believed in me. They trusted me even though I was still in school and lacked any prior experience for the job position.

What I appreciate most about Smiles Mobile Remittance is its dedication to ensuring a work-life balance for its employees. They also go above and beyond to support each and every one of us as we pursue our professional goals. And with the help of Smiles Mobile Remittance, I was able to fulfill a number of goals, including my desire to work in a healthy environment, graduate as an industrial engineer, take care of my family’s needs, spoil my parents, travel, and learn new things every day.

What’s your takeaway from your experiences?

Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust there’s more than you can see

We may encounter many failures in life, but KEEP TRYING. We are only able to see a tiny portion of the overall picture. The only way to fail is to give up trying.

Revelation 3:8 I have opened a door for you no one can close

God is in control of the future and has a plan for your life that is far superior to your own, you shouldn’t worry if things don’t turn out the way it is planned.

Romans 8:31 If God is for us, who can be against us?

No matter what challenges life presents, just keep praying and giving everything to God because He will never leave us or forsake us.

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