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Top 5 Best Japanese Sunscreens


Sunscreen (in Japanese is called 日焼け止め) it is an essential item especially now that the sun is out more. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the skin, making the skin susceptible to skin cancer. Asian skincare lovers have chosen to use some Japanese sunscreen as options for their skin care routine. Below, Smiles will introduce you to the 5 best sunscreens Japan has to offer.


Why should you use sunscreen?

Sunlight often contains a lot of ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to the skin, especially under the harsh sun of the Japanese summer.

No matter how many skin care steps you take, without sunscreen, everything will be in vain. Because if you do not use sunscreen, your skin will be subjected to harmful agents from UV rays, polluted environment, dust, etc. Over time, it will gradually lead to acne, premature aging, melasma, freckles or even skin cancer.


Which sunscreen is good in Japan?

Just visit drug stores in Japan and you will easily come across areas displaying a series of sunscreens 日焼け止め, where you will find the right product. Please read the information below so that Smiles can help you choose the right sunscreen for your skin type

Table of contents

1. Curel Sunscreen (キュレル): Curel UV Protection Milk SPF50+ PA++++

Click photo to purchase on Amazon.


  • Sunscreen that can be used for both the face and body with ultra-high UV protection rate up to 99%.
  • The product is creamy and not sticky when applied to the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive skin).
  • Free of synthetic colors, fragrance and alcohol free.
  • Can be used in place of makeup primer, lightening tone, moisturizing to help skin look smooth.

2. Anessa Sunscreen (アネッサ): Anessa Perfect Pearly Shiseido SPF50 PA++++

Click photo to purchase on Amazon.

Anessa Japanese sunscreen is a product that is loved and has been the top one chosen by women in Japan.


  • High sun protection index, water resistant, so you can comfortably go swimming, and go for long outdoor activities.
  • Creamy and liquid consistency, so it is easily absorbed into the skin, and it is not greasy when applied to the skin.
  • Can be used in place of makeup primer.
  • In addition, this sunscreen provides additional nutrients and moisture to nourish, support the detoxification of the skin, and whiten the skin after a period of use.


* There are 3 types, 3 colors:

  1. Pink: For everyday use.
  2. Blue: Used for people exposed to a lot of sunlight.
  3. Yellow: Used for when going to the beach or outdoor watersports, because of its high water resistance.

3. Kose Sunscreen (コーセー): Kose Sekkisei White UV Gel SPF50+ PA++++

Click photo to purchase on Amazon.


  • Effectively protects the skin against UV rays.
  • Both a sunscreen and a skin whitening cream with coix seed ingredients [1] [2] and pearl powder.
  • The liquid gel penetrates into the skin well and it is non- greasy when applied to the skin. Can replace makeup primer.
  • Supplement with herbal ingredients to moisturize, soothe the skin, protect the skin against the effects of the environment.
  • Good oil control, waterproof.
  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Easy to clean with cleanser or makeup remover.

4. DHC Sunscreen : DHC Suncut Perfect Q10 SPF50+ PA++++

Click photo to purchase on Amazon.


  • Has high moisturizing ability, protects your skin from darkening, and skin cancer.
  • High sun protection index and water resistant.
  • High-permeability, so sweat can easily pass through. It is a non-sticky lotion.
  • Capable of covering pores, acne and dark spots on the face very effectively.
  • Easy to clean with cleanser or makeup remover.

5. Sunscreen Skin Aqua (スキンアクア): Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence SPF50+ PA++++

Click photo to purchase on Amazon.


  • Ingredients are safe for sensitive skin, they do not cause skin irritation.
  • This sunscreen contains highly moisturizing ingredients, best suited for dry, normal or combination skin.
  • The cream is quite liquid, easy to spread, and is absorbed quickly. It does not cause stickiness, discomfort, or leave white streaks.
  • It has good water and sweat resistance.
  • Skin tone lightening product and can replace makeup primer.


* There are 2 types, 2 colors:

  1. Pink: Suitable for dry skin, normal skin.
  2. Blue: Suitable for oily skin, combination skin.


Sunscreen is an important ingredient for your skin. Not only do you need to apply sunscreen when you go out into the sun and expose yourself to the sun, make it a habit to use sunscreen every day. To have young and healthy skin, you must use sunscreen diligently. Hopefully the Japanese sunscreen suggestions that Smiles suggested above will be helpful in choosing the right sunscreen for you.

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