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Work Abroad: Learn More about Top 3 Countries OFWs are in Demand


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1. Where are the OFWs demand sourcing from?

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have been known for their great work ethic and have been in demand all over the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the work landscape, causing a rise in demand for certain industry sectors. The shift caused by the global pandemic has shown an increase in demands in the healthcare and logistics industries. “The demand now for OFWs is increasing”, based on an announcement by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) last February 2022. Various countries, namely the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, are looking into hiring nurses and caregivers. Based on projected data analyzed by POEA, there will be an increase in the demand for the logistics area. The demand for people to fill in the job roles such as truck drivers and seafarers are also rising. 


In this article, we will discuss the different countries that are searching for hardworking OFWs. We will discuss the benefits that Overseas Filipino laborers can attain by working in those countries and help you find which would be the right fit for you. 

2. OFW Advantages working in United Kingdom

When it comes to plans of obtaining permanent residency and benefits such as free healthcare and education, the United Kingdom can provide these opportunities for you. The country has an environment filled with countrysides, beaches and places with rich history. In terms of climate, it is known to be constantly rainy and gloomy but have warm summers and cool winters. The United Kingdom is a good place to work, live and settle. It is a country that is highly open to the entry of immigrants that have skills to offer. The United Kingdom also has a relatively low crime rate, multi-cultural society and the quality of life is deemed excellent. Since Filipinos can communicate in English as their second-language, migrating to the United Kingdom won’t bring up challenges in terms of language barriers.

3. OFW Advantages working in Germany

Germany has one of the best standards of living in the world. Germany has an environment full of mountains, beaches, small towns, castles and forests. When it comes to the work environment, efficiency is important. Germany maintains a work-life balance culture.  Having to deal with COVID-19 together with the shrinking and aging German population has brought about an increasing demand for health care professionals which cannot be met by the local labor market. For those who want to work in Germany, rest assured they abide by high standards of labor laws, social security system, health insurance, pension insurance scheme, and unemployment insurance. In terms of salary, employees are given fair compensation as their German colleagues. The only challenge an applicant may encounter when you’re applying to work in Germany is that you need to show evidence of having sufficient German language proficiency. During the visa process, only certificates issued by the Goethe Institute and telc GmbH as well as the Austrian language diploma (ÖSD) and the TestDaF diploma showing a competence level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages are accepted. 

4. OFW Advantages of working in Japan

Japan is a beautiful country that has an environment that allows for plenty of places to discover. It is very convenient and is one of the most practical countries to live in the world. There are plenty of places to travel such as mountains, and beaches. Japan is known for its frequent earthquakes, which would be something that you would need to get used to when you’re living in Japan. Currently, as its population is gradually shrinking Japan needs workers, as well as consumers and contributors to the social safety net for its graying society. The need is growing quickly. Benefits for OFWs include Japanese National Health Insurance and Japanese Health Insurance for those who are full-time workers in Japan. In terms of salary, Japan has high average wages. It’s work environment promotes communal effort, which is something that in Philippine culture “pakikisama” is quite familiar with. It would be easy to assimilate in terms of adjusting to the work environment. Japan is a work-centric nation. It has quite a strict and disciplined work culture. Punctuality is given high importance in Japan – therefore the infamous Filipino time will not be acceptable. The ultimate key to work here is the knowledge of the Japanese language.

5. The best option for OFW

It has been proven that Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have contributed to their host and home country. They have demonstrated to be exemplary, hard workers in their host country and providers for their home country. If you have the skills, education and you fall into the healthcare or logistics industry, it would be best to make the most out of these opportunities. Please note, despite the high demand, the government needs to prioritize the country’s (Philippines) needs with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore placing a deployment cap of nurses and healthcare workers is necessary. At the moment, the deployment of 7,000 health care workers yearly is allowed. When it comes to the logistics sector, however, there will be plenty of available slots for applications such as truck drivers and seafarers. The United Kingdom, Germany and Japan all have benefits and attractive offers. As an aspiring or current OFW, with these three countries offering opportunities for work, weighing the advantages and disadvantages, which country would fit your needs most? Feel free to share with us!

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