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Foreign-friendly Credit Card: EPOS Card


Many foreigners living in Japan want to own a credit card but do not know how to register or fear that it will be difficult to successfully open an account for a card. However, not all credit cards are difficult to register and EPOS card is one of them. This card has a very simple registration procedure, and it is one of the cards that encourage foreigners to register and use it. In this article, Smiles will guide you in detail about the registration procedure and the great features that this credit card brings.

Table of contents

1. Advantages of the EPOS Credit Card

Step 1: Register and choose a card

Visit the Website to register and choose a card type. Click here. 


You choose the type of card color you want to use. 

Next you will click =>


Step 2: Fill in your personal information

2. Instructions for opening an account for an EPOS Credit Card

Step 3: Fill in the job information

Next, if you are working you will fill in information about your current job. If you are an international student, at this step you will fill in the information about your place of study.

Then enter the password of the 4-digit card and the password to log in on the web (note that you must not forget the password. Tip: Formulate one that is easy to memorize or write it down and keep it safe).


Step 4: Confirm Registered Information

After carefully checking the information、 choose 入力内容を送信する.


Now that you have completed all the steps to apply for an EPOS credit card. Next, please check your email if you have received your notification of registration completion. Results of successful or unsuccessful registrations will be sent to your inbox. So do not worry, you will be informed of the results. 

In addition, you can register an account linked with an EPOS card to pay online in Japan. There are 2 kinds of forms: online registration or by post. You should choose to register online for convenience.

3. Convenient features of the EPOS Credit Card

3.1 Smart points and discount shopping at Marui

When using the EPOS card for daily purchases, you will accumulate reward points. There are now over 400 online stores on the “EPOS Point UP Website” ! If you shop through here, you will earn 2 to 30 times more points. These points will be discounted when shopping at the stores of the Marui (丸井) system . You can check out the details here. 

3.2 Security of personal information when using EPOS virtual cards

You can register the EPOS virtual card right on the website to use it for shopping and paying at foreign websites. This virtual card functions like a real credit card, you will be given a card number, when you want to pay you just need to enter this card number. And of course, if a hacker tries to get access to this card number, they won’t find anything.

You can see details here.

3.3 EPOS card pays up to 5,000,000 yen for travel accident insurance

If you are traveling abroad and unfortunately have an accident, you can now use your EPOS credit card to pay for foreign travel accident insurance. For details of the case and coverage limit, please see the link below .


You can also refer to this information at the website.

3.4 Support cardholders to automatically increase money usage limit when there is a need to get married

Getting married will have a lot of money to pay, and now the EPOS credit card will have a credit limit extension service for you to pay the necessary expenses for marriage. You can register right on the EPOS app. See detailed information here.

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3.5 Support to automatically increase the limit when the cardholder needs to move

Moving house is not an easy thing. You will have a lot of payments to pay and the EPOS card will help you automatically raise your revolving credit limit in this case. You just need to register right on the EPOS app. See details here.

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* What is the リボ払い revolving payment function? This stands for リボルビング払い (Revoling payments). In a nutshell, you will have to pay a fixed amount every month until the balance you owe on your credit card is exhausted. However, please note the interest rate that will be charged for each limit.

The EPOS credit card is considered one of the easiest cards to apply for foreigners living in Japan. With the above features, Smiles believes that this is a card to own and use. Hope the above information will be useful to you. If you have any questions about this article, please leave a comment below to let Smiles know.

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