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To refer a remittance fee, please see the link below: See remittance fee

You can lower/zero out your remittance fees using Smiles points. Smiles offers a loyalty points program that allows you to earn and win points and use them to cover a portion of all of your fees.

Yes. The purpose of the Smiles Loyalty Points Program is to help customers lower or eliminate the transaction fee for every remittance.

For Smiles Remit, the exchange rate applied is the prevailing rate at the time the remittance order is executed.

Please note that exchange rates are subject to change without prior notice.

From Canada to PH

Bank Transfer
$100 and below - $3.99 Remmittace Fee
$100.01 and above - $6.00 Remittance Fee

Regardless of the sending amount - $8.00 Remittance Fee


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