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What are Smiles Loyalty Points

You can use points to reduce your remittance fee!

About the Expiry Period

We would like to remind you that, as per our program’s terms and conditions, Smiles Loyalty Points have an expiry period of three months from the date of issuance.

Any points earned but not redeemed within this time frame will expire.

Ways to
earn Smiles Points

first remit
First remittance
Every remittance
Refer a friend*2
tori dripping and eyes full of $$ thinking about getting rich with smiles point


*1 You will need to complete your registration as a basic member to earn points.

*2 You will earn points after your referred friend registers on the Smiles app and makes a remittance via Smiles Remit.

How to
check your points history

1. Tap points section on home screen
2. You can view the history of your point usage and earnings here

How to use
Smiles Points

1. Input the amount of points you want to use on the remittance screen


Yes. The purpose of the Smiles Loyalty Points Program is to help customers lower or eliminate the transaction fee for every remittance.

You can lower/zero out your remittance fees using Smiles points. Smiles offers a loyalty points program that allows you to earn and win points and use them to cover a portion of all of your fees.

When you're inserting the information for your remittance, there will be a designated box for you to enter the amount of points you want to use towards your transaction.

Points cover the fees that will automatically be calculated into your remittance.

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