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How to Register

Item to prepare for registration

Identity Document

Identity Document

Prepare any one of the ID’s listed below:

  • Canadian Provincial ID
  • Canadian Drivers License
  • Residence Card
  • Passport

Steps to register

Step 1

Create an Account

See how to
Step 2

Verify account & become Premium Member

See how to

Step 1
How to Create an account

1. Select your region
(region is the country where you use Smiles)
2. Tap “Create account” to create a Smiles account
3. Check the box, input your email address, set a password and tap “Sign Up”
4. Input 6-digit code you will receive through your registered email address and tap “Next”​
5. Input an invitation code if you have one. You can set a passcode (optional).
6. Your Smiles account is set up! Move forward to verify it.

Step 2
Verify your account

1. Tap “Register” to start verifying your account​ ​
2. Tap “Let’s go”, check the box to agree and tap “Apply for membership”​
3. Choose your nationality​ and tap “Next”​. Then input your personal​ info and tap “Next”​
7. Confirm all your info​, answer PEP question and tap “Next”​
8. Your can send money now! Be a Premium member to send more money!

Steps to
be a Premium Member

1. Tap “Upgrade” to start ​
2. Choose nationality and one Canadian government-issued ID you hold by tapping on “Select”​
3. Tap the first one to start taking ​frontside of ID​, check if your photo​ is clear and tap ​”Next”​
4. Tap the second one and ”Tap backside photo”​ to start taking ​backside of ID​
5. Take backside photo of your ID, check if your photo is clear and tap​ “Next“​
6. Tap the last one and then tap “Take a selfie” to take a photo of yourself and ID
7. Take a selfie with your ID, check if your photo is clear and tap​ “Next“​
8. Tap “Next” after inputting ID info, confirm details and tap “Next” to complete process​
9. Tap “OK” to complete​ the process​. Please wait for approval (no need to register again)​ ​*Verification may​ take 12 – 72 hours ​to approve​


  • Provincial ID
  • Driver’s license
  • Permanent Resident ID (with a document that shows proof of your address, your name and address clearly written for verification purposes)

Please contact our 24/7 customer support staff if you are unsure of which ID to upload.

Approval of your registration may take within 24 hours. If no confirmation has been received after 3 days, open the Smiles app and check whether or not you received a notice regarding any possible errors in your details.

If you have not received any notice, please contact our customer support team.

To register with Smiles, you will need a valid email address and a valid Japanese ID such as residence card (if you are non-Japanese) or valid Japanese driver’s license (if you are Canadian).

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