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How to Register

Steps to register

Step 1

Create an account

See how to
Step 2

Verify personal information

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Step 1
How to create an account

1. Select the country you currently reside in and language
1. Select your region (region is the country where you use Smiles)
2. Swipe left to see the app’s features or tap “Skip” to move forward
3. Tap “OK” to receive notifications from the app
4. Tap “Create account” and “First time”
5. Choose your nationality
6. Tap on box to check off that you agree and choose your preferred way to create account
7. Tap the blue triangle and input secret code sent to your email
8. You now have a Smiles account! You can optionally set up a passcode for added security.

Step 2
Verify personal information

1. Check the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” box and tap “Next”
2. Input your details for “ID Info”, “Profile” and “Contact”. Select one of the PEP declaration answers and tap “Submit to complete”
3. Your application has been received! Please wait for approval (no need to register again). *Verification may​ take 12 – 72 hours ​to approve​
4. You verified your account! If you would like to increase your remittance limit and become a Premium Member, tap on “Increase limit”
I couldn’t complete my registration

If one of these screens appear, please contact our customer service


(9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Mon-Sun)


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Become a premium member at any time through the banner on the homepage!

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