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5 Cheap Second-hand Clothing Shops in Japan


There are many second-hand shops in Japan, and they can range from buying and selling high-end brands at higher prices to buying and selling off-brand and branded items for a great deal. In this article, Smiles would love to show you 5 cheap second-hand clothing shops in Japan. You can find a full outfit for less than 1,500 yen at these stores and they’re located in bustling areas of Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

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Second-hand shop Comparison Chart (based on Smiles’ experience)

5 Cheap Second-hand Clothing Shops in Japan

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1. 2nd Street

2nd Street is known for selling gently-used clothing and other apparel items for a great deal. Considering the fact that they sell well-known brands in almost mint condition for a big discount, we consider this second-hand shop in Japan to be cheap. 2nd Street has many locations spread throughout the country so feel free to check out their website to see if there’s one near you.

2nd street bags

2. Don Don Down on Wednesday

Depending on which Don Don Down on Wednesday second-hand shop you visit, you may need a whole day to shop there. Don Don Down is known to have massive shops that sell cheap second-hand clothing in decent condition. If there’s a certain item of clothing you’re looking for like a Hawaiian shirt, black cocktail dress or a simple pair of sneakers, you will most likely find them there for an excellent deal. On top of that, this second-hand shop in Japan is known for its unique pricing system. Each food icon on each price tag corresponds to a price. For example, if a shirt you grabbed had a carrot on the price tag, it would mean it costs 550 yen. There are price charts hung throughout the store. You can see an example in the first photo below. Don Don Down is located everywhere, so check their website to see if one of their second-hand shops is near you.

don don down clothes

don don down second-hand apparel

don don down tshirts


MODE-OFF is part of HARD-OFF Group where they have second-hand shops like BOOK-OFF, which sells used books and games (sometimes apparel) and HARD-OFF, which sells second-hand electronics. MODE-OFF has numerous locations for its second-hand shops throughout Japan and is known to sell its apparel items for a good deal. Based on the condition of their items, it’s easy to tell they’ve been pre-owned, but the price you purchase them may be worth it. To see if there’s a store near you, check out their website.

mode off shirts

mode off

4. Watt mann Super Recycle Shop

Watt mann sells both home goods and apparel, but they have a wide variety of gently-used clothing. There aren’t very many high-end brands sold there so you may be out of luck if you want something luxurious. However, they sell fairly decent clothing items for a very low price. Compared to other second-hand shops, their items may lack in quality, but again they sell their items at a significantly low price. Is there a shop near you? Check out their website to see if there’s one close by you.

watt mann second hand

watt mann sporty

watt mann super recycle clothes

5. WeGo Vintage

WeGo sells an assortment of apparel, meaning they sell both used and brand new items at their shops. WeGo Vintage is a second-hand shop in Japan that mainly focuses on selling contemporary gently-used clothing. Their name is more well-known compared to other second-hand stores in Japan because they focus on staying with the trends. Many of the items they sell are reasonably priced. Popular brands will tend to be a bit more expensive, however. There are many locations in the Tokyo area as listed on their website but if you want to see other locations, you can filter and check there as well. Additionally, if you want to check out their online store, check out their other website.

wego mens shirts

wego bottoms

wego hats

We know there are other second-hand shops in Japan that we may not know about, so if you have any recommendations, please let us know in the comments. Happy shopping from Smiles!

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