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5 Reasons Japanese are Skinny

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Why are Japanese Skinny

5 Secrets of why Japanese are so

Hey Smiles Friends,
welcome back to our health series. Today, we will discuss why Japanese so

First, let’s discuss
skinny. The skinny that we will be discussing is scientific. Not, in a horrible
way where people do not eat and tried to be paper-thin. But, in a healthy
moderate way. Scientifically, Harvard published research about why people can
be obese or overweight.

  1. Unhealthy Lifestyle, not because of genes
  2. Lack of exercises, too much TV
  3. Social environment and toxic food.

To read more details,
check their site

So, are Japanese healthy
skinny? YES!!! They are so skinny that OECD’s data found that Japan is one of
the skinniest countries in the world.

So, what is the
secret? What makes the Japanese became so skinny?

After doing some deep
research, there are many different theory and reasons why the Japanese are
skinny. So, which one is true? To be 100% correct is almost impossible.
However, these are the reasons that I concluded that make sense:

1. Japanese Diet

Even though the  number of fast-food chains, American chains especially,
are growing fast. The Japanese still think about their diets and their traditional
food are still more popular. Their typical diet contains acidic food (such as
vinegar in sushi, or pickled vegetable), grain, and less trans fats and
saturated fat (such as fish) compared to the westerners or South-East Asians.

Details on the
research on why grain makes you skinny: click

Details on the
research why trans-fat is not good for your health: click


In Japan, whether you
do it on purpose, or you are just living your daily life. You will certainly
exercise. The availability of public transportations and the high costs of
owning a vehicle has led the Japanese to choose the public transportations more.
Majority of Japanese also walks and bike often. This is different compared to
America or South East Asia where most of the population use their vehicle as their
mode of travel.

3. Tea

Since a leave falls
into hot water in China many centuries ago, tea has turned into a staple
beverage that is drunk all around the world. Japanese too, love this beverage.
Well known for its green tea or more familiarly as “matcha”. Tea is drunk every
day by most Japanese. Stocking the shelf with tea as a more popular option
compared to soda beverage with their high sugar content.

Read more about the
benefits of tea for health: Click

Read more about the
danger of high sugary beverage: Click here

4. Social Factor

People think Japan as
a very beautiful country with a rich history and amazing people. This is true.
However, the side that people do not realize is the high standard of the
society. Like other Asian countries, there are high expectations for Japanese,
one of them is looks. These societal pressures led to the Japanese to try to
maintain their weight very seriously. Read more here



To sum up, the
environment, exercising and healthy diets will give you a healthy skinny body
like the Japanese. However, do not be pressured by others and do it for
yourself! A healthy body equals to a healthy mind.








Chart of Skinny and lifestyle in the world
Source: OECD
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