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Digital Wallet Corporation makes Large Donation to Support Education for Young Global Community in Japan


Digital Wallet Corporation (DWC), the developer of Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles), 2021 Good Design Award winner and number one international mobile remittance service in Japan, donated to Katariba, a non-profit organization that offers a variety of learning opportunities and places for children born and raised in any environment to develop motivation and creativity.

Katariba has been contributing to building students’ bright futures in Japan since 2001. They offer activities, programs, and learning centers that help encourage interaction at schools all across the nation.

Instead of investing in large, high-value prizes to its customers this year, DWC decided to put that money towards the young global community to follow its principle to achieve sustainability with diversity. DWC donated to Katariba’s “Roots” project, which will help high school students find their foreign roots and build bright futures for themselves and their society. 

“The ‘Roots’ project shares similar core values and I believe they will achieve in offering enriched futures for the young generation,” says Eiji Miyakawa, CEO of DWC. “Our company became global with a diverse and outstanding set of professionals, and we all look forward to seeing young international students become equipped for their bright futures.”

International students can have several national ties coming from their backgrounds. In order to link them together, Katariba’s project will help strengthen them and help maintain a sustainable environment for the future generation.

“The purpose of our company has always been to enhance and maintain a sustainable society utilizing technology,” adds Mr. Miyakawa, “[so] our contribution to developing a cooperative environment in Japan for the global community has always been our priority.”

Digital Wallet Corporation has supported global citizens with relationships from multiple countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.

With an international focus, DWC continues to cultivate close relationships with the global community.

About Katariba

Katariba is a non-profit organization in Tokyo, Japan that has put its resources and energy towards helping build bright futures for high school students in Japan since 2001. Their focus is mostly on students who are unable to continue their studies due to reasons such as experiencing hardships affected by natural disasters or their poor environment. Katariba’s vision is “to create a society in which anyone can develop the power to make their own future, regardless of their social and economic background”. To learn more about Katariba, click on the following link: https://www.katariba.or.jp/english/

About Digital Wallet Corporation

Digital Wallet was established in 2014 by former Sony designers and engineers who created mobile wallet technology. Eventually, the company had visions to excel in and provide B2B application services as well as remittance services. In 2017, Digital Wallet combined the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Financial Technology (FinTech) and used their expertise to carefully craft and develop a premium financial service that’s accessible to everyone known as “Smiles”. Since Smiles’ launch, Digital Wallet has made partnerships with major, well-known banks in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal and has been gaining strong communities of customers mainly in East Asia. As a result, Smiles has become the number one mobile remittance service in Japan. For more information, please visit the following links:

Digital Wallet Corporation: https://digitalwallet.co.jp/

Smiles Mobile Remittance: https://smileswallet.com/

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