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English Speaking Driving schools in Tokyo


English Speaking Driving schools in Tokyo

The number of foreigners who stay in Japan for a long time and want to get a Japanese driver’s license has increased significantly.
Especially in Tokyo, about 20% of foreign residents in Japan, or about 560,000 foreigners, live in Tokyo. Here, we would like to introduce recommended driving schools, especially for the five countries of China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, and Nepal,
which have the largest number of foreigners residing in Japan. It is not difficult for foreign nationals to obtain a driver’s license and enroll in a driving school in Japan. If you obtain a driver’s license you can use it effectively as an ID card, or you can switch to an international driver’s license and drive around the world.
It’s a bit old, but in 2018, more than 2,500 foreign nationals from Tokyo got a license.
We hope that this article will help foreigners to obtain a driver’s license in Japan.

Table of Contents

Department exams in Tokyo for driving schools are in English only.

Currently, it is not permitted to take the exam in Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, or Portuguese when handling the subject exams at the license center in Tokyo and the designated driving school. Only English is allowed.

Unofficial driving school

Generally, few Japanese people get it at an unofficial driving school. This is because the provisional license exam, the completion exam, the graduation exam, and the main license exam are all taken at the license center. Compared to a driving school all of the exams will be taken inside the driving school.
In addition, there is no guarantee for the total cost of obtaining a license. If you do not understand the seemingly cheap cost correctly, the total cost will be higher than planned compared to a certified driving school and you may regret it, so be careful.

1. Ogikubo Driving School (Tokyo: Ogikubo)

Safety Plan (Ordinary Car)

MT 283,800 yen (tax included) ~
AT 261,800 yen (tax included) ~


2. FCA Driving School (Tokyo: Ikebukuro)

* Detailed charges are not listed on the homepage, and even if you contact by phone, there is no clear explanation of the amount.

MT / AT 220,000 yen (tax included) ~


Certified driving school (commuting to driving school)

It is common for Japanese people to get a driver’s license at a certified driving school. However, driving school fees in Tokyo are very high.

1. Koyama Driving School

A famous driving school group in Tokyo (Futakotamagawa, Seijo, Shakujii, Akitsu). The prices below are for those who have taken lessons in English.

MT 410,960 yen (tax included) ~
AT 396,440 yen (tax included) ~


2. Musashisakai Driving School

This driving school provides a nice service for foreigners. Teachers are fluent in English for one-on-one training. But the price is very high.
It depends on the age of the enrollee, but if you are 22 to 28 years old,

MT 440,000 yen (tax included) ~
AT 429,000 yen (tax included) ~


3. New Tokyo Driving School

This driving school provides a nice service for foreigners, especially those who can speak English and Chinese, they have one-on-one training that you can choose from.

MT 324,500 yen (tax included) ~
AT 311,300 yen (tax included) ~
New Tokyo Driving School


How was it? Did you understand how to get the best license and how to choose a driving school? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Smiles! Smiles team supports foreigners who are living in Japan giving useful information.

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