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Global Mobile Remittance Service Started

Real-time Mobile remittance now available to 287,000 locations worldwide


Digital Wallet Corporation (Tokyo, Japan – CEO, Eiji Miyakawa) which started Smiles Remit&Pay, an international mobile remittance service employing the latest technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, cloud technology and digital wallet platform is now offering its services to 287,000 locations in 147 countries and territories. Customers can now send money anytime (24/7) as long as there is sufficient fund or load in their virtual wallet account.

Users can fund their Virtual Wallet through convenience stores` ATM and banks` ATM by using their own bank ATM card or Virtual Wallet Card*. They can also transfer funds to their Virtual Wallet account using internet banking facility; or cash via over-the-counter of Japan Post Bank or their own banks.

It has thrilled us to be able to offer migrants and other users a more convenient way of sending money to their loved ones all over the world.

On its initial offering, DigitalWallet has made its remit and pay services to Philippine-bound remittances and payments. After three 3 months, we are happy to announce that we are able to expand our service network to 147 countries and territories around the world in collaboration with Ria Financial Services**.

Features of Service

  1.  Available 24/7 Do-It-Yourself service – Remittance order can be done from user’s mobile phone anytime as long as there is sufficient balance in Virtual Wallet account.
  2.  Fast Service – 15-minute cash pick up service is available in more than 287,000 locations worldwide.
  3.  Open to customers with no bank accounts – there is a Smiles Wallet Card that can be availed by customers with no bank accounts in Japan.
  4.  Remittance fees made even more affordable through loyalty points program, where every transaction earns points which can be used to pay for remittance fee of subsequent transaction.

Smiles Remit&Pay is state-of-the-art remittance service and the only one which offers mobile remittance with integrated loyalty and referral program in Japan. Users enjoy convenience, value-for-money and efficient service made possible by secured and high-tech systems in sending money to their loved ones and associates.

About Smiles Wallet Card

DigitalWallet in collaboration with Japan Post Bank has started distribution of Smiles Wallet Card to Smiles Wallet account holders with no bank account in Japan. This card is issued by Japan Post Bank and can be used in more than 27,000 Japan Post Bank ATMs nationwide located in Japan Post Offices, selected Family Mart convenience stores, department stores, train stations and other establishments in Japan.

Smiles Wallet Card


About Ria Financial Services

Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT) operating Ria Financial Services is one of the largest global remittance service providers with a network in 147 countries and territories of more than 287,000 locations worldwide. Euronet is a leading electronic payment company operating Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT), Prepaid (ePay)、 Money Transfer (Ria) worldwise.

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