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How to Make a Bill Payment

1. Tap on the “Bills Payment” button if you’ve already added the function

Smiles Tips!


You can add the Bills Payment function by tapping the banner on the home screen

2. Select a company to pay by searching or navigating through the categories
3. Enter the amount and necessary details. You can utilize points for fee payment (if available). Tap “OK” to proceed
4. Verify the details and tap “Confirm” to pay the bill
5. Payment successful! Additionally, add to favorites or tap “Remit Again” for new payments, or “Back to Home” for the home screen.


Downloading a remittance certificate onto your device from the Smiles app is free.

If you request a hard copy from us, it will be free for the first request, but it will cost 500 yen for the second request.

You can request for a remittance certification a few months before the year ends.

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