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Moving back from Japan to your country

Moving back from Japan to your country

Moving back from Japan to your home country can be a complex and troublesome process, but with careful planning, you can make the transition as smooth as possible. 


Here are some steps for you to keep in mind when moving out of Japan

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1. Make a budget

Make a detailed budget of your expenses, including the airplane ticket and the items that you are shipping back home. If you want to send your item back home it is better for you to research the cheapest options to do it 

2. Sell your unwanted stuff

If you have too much stuff for you to send home, you can consider selling things you don’t need anymore. This will help you save space and get you some money to send back home to use in your home country when moving out of Japan

3. Arrange for transportation

Consider the best way to transport your belongings and yourself back home. When buying a plane ticket, make sure to check a few websites before making your purchase as this will ensure that you are getting the cheapest flight back home. 


For your belongings, make sure to use a cheap and safe service so that your item will be shipped back safely from Japan.

4. Terminate your contracts

Make sure to terminate any rental agreements, utility contracts (gas, water, and electricity), and other agreements you have in Japan before you leave. 

5. Planning for financial matters

Same as terminating your contract, Close any bank accounts, cancel all your credit cards in Japan. If you still have spare cash in your bank account before closing it and it exceeds the limit you can bring the amount in cash by plane, remit and send your money back home with Smiles Mobile Remittance!

Smiles offer everyday great rates and low fees because of the points system. You can use the points to lessen the transaction fees. By using Smiles, you will be sure to get the money back home safely and within minutes! Download the app now!

6. Keep in touch with your network in Japan:

Networking is important everywhere. You should always keep in touch with friends, colleagues, and other contacts in Japan to maintain those relationships. I am sure that keeping in contact will keep you company when you move back home and that someday you might visit them in their country or they might just come to meet you at your country!

With these steps in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth transition moving back to your home country from Japan. By being organized and planning ahead, you’ll be able to focus on settling back in and enjoying the comfort of your home. Good luck!

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