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Need Extra Income? Work Part-time in Japan

Part-time Job

If you are strapped for cash, have spare time, and have the right working permit then working part-time would be the solution for you. Living in Japan, which is one of the most expensive countries to live in, is ranked the 17th most expensive country to live in the world according to the Independent. Making extra income would help to cover expenses during your stay in Japan. You can potentially earn ¥900 per hour on average when you work part-time in Japan. We have listed a few of the most common part-time jobs in Japan that can be done by foreigners

Part-time Job: English Teacher for Adults and Children

Average Part-time Salary per hour: ¥1,000 – ¥2000

In order for you to qualify for a part-time job as an English teacher in Japan, the requirements can vary. Some language institutions require certifications such as TESOL or TEFL. There are some institutions that offer part-time English teaching jobs to those who do not have these certifications. Instead, they will test you through other means such as writing, interview and teaching demo. Because English has become an essential skill to learn for the current Japanese youth, parents are investing a lot of money and effort to make sure their children are equipped with the skill. This goes for the current working class as well, many want to learn and/or improve their English abilities. Depending on the organization you work for you could be teaching a class, a group or one-on-one.

Here are a few suggested language institutions you could apply for your part-time job as an English teacher:

Part-time Job: Chat Host for English Cafes or English conversation schools

Average Part-time Salary per hour: ¥1,000 – ¥1,300

If you are quite chatty and a good conversationalist then probably working as a Chat host for a part-time job would work best for you. The Eikaiwa kyōshitsu (英会話教室) or Eikaiwa gakkō (英会話学校) are English conversation schools. Work hours often start from early afternoon to late evening. Often it starts from teaching kids as young as kindergarten and as it gets late the older students come in.

Here are a few suggested language institutions you could apply for your part-time job at an Eikawa.

As for English Cafes there are quite a few around. They are usually physical coffee shops or bars. The staff of these businesses are often native English speakers who are in Japan to study or are on a working holiday visa. In this environment, there is a lot more flexibility. There is even the possibility of drinking and eating while teaching at the cafe. However, the downside is that often there is no limit to the number  of hours a student can stay and the session could possibly last more than 3 hours.

Here are a few suggested English Cafes you can apply to for a part-time job in Japan:

Part-time Job: Game Localization

Average Part-time Salary per hour: ¥2,500 – ¥2,800

Passionate about video games? Skilled at gaming? Gaming companies often hire video game testers to thoroughly check them before they are released to a new country or region. Another possible part of the job would be translating the game from Japanese to the language of the new market. Fluency in languages is very important for this job. It also entails knowing cultural contexts and being able to make it easy to understand for the new market. Japanese video game companies are looking for game enthusiasts who are highly fluent and culturally knowledgeable in Chinese, English, Korean, and Western European.

Interpreter and Translator Jobs in Tokyo

Average Part-time Salary per hour: ¥1,500-¥3,100

If you are fluent in Japanese and English at a business level then becoming an interpreter or translator may be a good part-time job in Japan for you. It has competitive pay and flexible working hours. There is even a possibility that it could be purely an online job. Many companies nowadays are trying to expand abroad and need interpreters to translate for both parties. However lucrative the job is, it is important to have a good understanding and comprehension of the languages. If you are skilled enough it would be a good opportunity to use your hard-earned language skills.

Freelance Writer Jobs in Tokyo

Average Part-time Salary per hour: Undisclosed

The demand for English and other language’s digital content is increasing. Many tourism sites are looking for freelance writers. If you are a skilled writer it would be a good place to start gaining experience. After some time you can then start applying to local magazines and publications for more freelance writing work.

Companies for Freelance Writers

Prohibited Part-time Jobs in Japan

If you are under a student visa in Japan, you are prohibited from engaging in work that is related to the adult entertainment industry. This includes working at nightclubs, hostess bars, pachinko parlors, and escort services. Working in these places will cause legal problems. It will be good to note that this includes work such as the DJ, hostess, dish-washer and floor staff.

Part-time Job Hunting Sites

There are quite a few part-time job sites that target foreigners. You can easily go through the sites and create a profile for each. You can then search and filter based on the job type, location and working conditions. Here are a few suggested sites:

We wish you luck on your job search! Hope you find a part-time job that will be the best fit for you. Share this article with your friends and family.

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