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Pay your PhilHealth Membership with Smiles Mobile Remittance

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Wonderful news to our kababayans in Japan! Smiles Mobile Remittance has made it easier and more convenient for you to pay your PhilHealth membership and contributions in the Philippines.

If you are unfamiliar with the benefits of having a PhilHealth membership, follow this article as we will provide you with the essential information about its benefits and advantages.

What is PhilHealth?

PhilHealth is known as the Philippine Health Insurance Program. Its mandate is to provide national health insurance coverage and ensure affordable, acceptable, available and accessible healthcare services for all Filipinos.

Filipinos are able to take advantage of PhilHealth’s benefits through contributions, which can be obtained directly from the employers and employees or voluntary contributions from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

How much is the monthly contribution for PhilHealth?

The PhilHealth contribution rate has jumped from 4 percent to 5 percent in 2024. This means that employed individuals, OFW and all Filipinos, aged 21 years old and above, have to pay 5 percent of their monthly salary. Take a look below to see an example:

Monthly income₱70,000
PhilHealth contribution rate5%
Calculation₱70,000 x 5%
(Monthly income x Contribution rate)
Monthly contribution amount₱3,500

Normally, if you are working in the Philippines, the monthly contribution is divided between you and the employer. However, if you are an OFW, you will have to shoulder the whole payment amount.

How can I pay my PhilHealth contribution in Japan?

Smiles Mobile Remittance has updated its Bills Payment feature with over 100 billers on its app since April 18, 2024, so you can now pay your PhilHealth contributions from Japan to the Philippines, in just a few minutes.

All you need do is download the Smiles Mobile Remittance app from this link  and follow the procedure below to finalize your payment:

Smiles Mobile Remittance is number one for Filipinos in Japan

The hardworking overseas Filipino workers in Japan have trusted Smiles Mobile Remittance for many years. Thanks to their loyalty and support, Smiles has been voted number one in Japan.

Smiles continually strives to enhance its services, ensuring the best experience for all Filipinos in Japan by offering efficient and reliable remittance solutions. With Smiles, processing deposit and remittance transactions has never been easier. Now known as the largest network of over 77 thousand ATMs across Japan, Smiles ensures convenience and accessibility for every transaction.

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