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Smiles is Chosen to be Japan’s Number One Remittance Service

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We did it! Smiles is now number one according to a survey asking about the best remittance service in Japan. The survey was conducted by the biggest Filipino forum in Japan.

A striking 31% of the total survey participants favorably mentioned Smiles, where the majority of the other services received less than 15% of votes. As a result, this makes us top the ranking and proudly be Japan’s number one remittance service. Accordingly, Smiles is the most used one among 22 remittance services mentioned in customers’ comments. 

smiles number one remittance

Lao Tzu once said that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” As we were once a pioneer in the remittance field, Smiles took baby steps with the remittance app and service in a new and challenging environment. However, we pulled through with determination and perseverance along the way. As a result, we went an extra mile last week by becoming Japan’s number one remittance service, according to the survey.

Thanks to our warm-hearted customers and partners who believed in us, Smiles cannot show enough appreciation to all of you as we will continue to work hard for our loving community. We would sincerely like to thank you and your beloved family for trusting and accompanying us through thick and thin. 

With the survey’s results reflecting on Smiles’s performance, we are confident we will continue to make our customers satisfied. The customer-centric and Philippines community-constructing mindset that our company has developed helped our C-level Filippino managers and staff at Smiles understand your concerns and serve your needs. We believe this is as a result of our continuous efforts to serve our loving Filippino customers, such as giving back to the community through donations, and offering campaigns, namely, Smiles idol contest, Smiles dance contest, and Smiles TV. For Smiles, it’s our pleasure to be loved by Filippino remitters across Japan. 

smiles japan number one remittance

As we are aspiring to become a global remittance firm and to create more social values, we are confident that our excellent remittance service with a unique loyalty points program, affordable transaction fees and competitive exchange rates, we promise to bring happiness to not only Filippino customers but also customers all over the world. Smiles strives to better ourselves for you and your beloved family members.

Because YOU deserve MORE PESO for your hard-earned YEN.

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