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How was it then?

I grew up in Bulan Sorsogon, Philippines, and earned my college degree in accountancy in Manila. However, I eventually shifted my focus to computer science. Over the years, I worked in various fields including teaching, administrative work, sales, and call centers. Eventually, I found my way to a job in the banking industry. I thought this would be my lifelong career, but in 2009, I decided to move to Japan.

The adjustment to living in a new environment was challenging, and I struggled to learn the language. However, I discovered a newfound love for exploring new places, trying new things, and taking on challenges like learning how to cook different menus and organizing events.

In 2011, a devastating earthquake struck Japan. At that time, I was given an opportunity to continue my career in the financial industry, and I was excited to dive back in. My previous experience working in sales and marketing proved invaluable in connecting with partners and customers. Although the earthquake made me consider returning to the Philippines, I ultimately chose to stay in Japan and continue growing my career.

How is it now?

I joined Smiles in 2018, which was a big decision for me to start a new chapter of my life in Japan on my own. A dear friend introduced me to the company.

I faced many trials and errors, but I persevered to become a valuable member of the team. I focused on improvements, created systematic patterns, and monitored operations, marketing, and agent management.

I tried different marketing strategies to innovate our services from traditional to digital marketing, drawing from my previous experiences. Since social media networks began to grow, it was a challenge to expand our market for Smiles users. However, I quickly adapted by connecting with customers in unique ways and bringing positive motivation, especially during the pandemic, when many of our members lost family and friends.

Smiles feels like a second home to me, with a fun work environment and cheerful colleagues. I always aim to be worthy of my job and challenge myself to empower everyone to stay positive and enjoy what they do – making people smile and happy.

What’s your takeaway from your experiences?

I’ve learned over time that work is an opportunity to grow yourself with your valuable talents. It is an opportunity to make a living but also create and experience valuable time with family and friends for a meaningful life.

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Success Stories

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