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Success Stories: Peter

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How was it then?

More than 2 decades ago, when I arrived in Canada in the fall 200x, I remember when I was wearing a silver jacket that my sister gave me. I worked in Manila after college for a few years. I grew up in North Luzon where I spent my childhood and education. I did not have any relatives here, and I only met someone during our orientation in the Canadian embassy in Makati who had a friend who would accommodate her and asked her if I could also be accommodated and pay the required rent. It was a gamble indeed. I knew no one in Canada, but I dreamed of finding a greener pasture and a better quality of life. My first job was in the evening shift, i.e., from 4 pm to midnight – experiencing my first freezing winter and wearing a thick winter coat and a heavy pair of winter boots. It was challenging, but I fought my way through all the struggles and pains. My employer sponsored all my courses, as I was determined to be someone, but I had no clue what I wanted to be at that time. I finished a few industry-acclaimed designations, without spending a single cent – all company-paid education. From a clerical job in the evening shift to customer service at the branch and now, I am working in the head office with high-caliber professionals in the industry. 

How is it now?

It was gloomy when I was starting, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel that I am enjoying now. I have learned to be more independent and rely on myself and God. I am self-sufficient and able to help my family and others with financial support. I feel that I have accomplished something I can be proud of, a brand that will not be taken away from me, and I am grateful for what I have achieved and become; nevertheless, I am still aspiring to be a “better” me. I am not wealthy, but I am thankful for whatever I have now.

What’s your takeaway from your experiences?

I have a few takeaways. Believe in yourself. Rely on yourself. Trust yourself. Pray to God for guidance and help, that He will always be with you through thick and thin, during struggles and successes, and for every sunset and sunrise. Be ambitious but you work hard for it. Learn to live in a “more Canadian” way of life in Canada. We have our battles in our everyday lives; choose your battles wisely. Always remember that every cloud has a silver lining. I may have been gifted with mental strength when I was studying, but more important than this, I am blessed with a strong will that survives, and a heart that endures. Life in Canada is not perfect, but find the right path that will make you happy, content and accomplished inside and out. Keep smiling.

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Success Stories

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