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Tips for Filipinos in Japan: How to Renew your Philippine Passport


Besides ensuring that your residence card is valid and updated as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Japan, you have to be mindful of the validity of your Philippine passport as this is vital, not only for leisure but especially for emergency travels abroad.

If you are uncertain of the procedures that you must undertake to renew your Philippine passport, follow along as we will provide you the complete guidelines to get it properly done.

Reserve an online appointment

The following list of  Philippine offices in Japan are locations where you can renew your passport:

Prior to visiting one of them, we advise that you make sure to reserve an appointment on the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). If you have issues opening the page, you may also click on this link.

Follow the instructions as shown below to finalize your appointment:

Select type of appointment
Select location
Choose date and time of appearance
Input your personal information
Input your parents’ information
Input your passport details
Write your address
Verify all the details and select “Confirm”

Prepare required documents

The next step after securing your reservation is to prepare the documents to bring on your appointment day. 

Here are the documents that you need to prepare:

Click here to see the list of valid IDs.

Dress up and show up

Now that you have secured your reservation and readied your documents, the final step is to personally visit the office on the day and time of your reservation to have your biometrics taken.

To ensure a smooth process, make sure to do the following:

  • Arrive at your scheduled time
  • Wear semi-formal or formal attire
  • Do not wear colored contact lenses and heavy makeup
  • Prepare to remove your earrings, necklace or other accessories during your photo shoot
  • Prepare 8,400 yen in cash (credit cards may not be accepted)

Congratulations! You’re finally done with the renewal of your Philippine passport. How was your experience? Share your thoughts with us. Smiles Mobile Remittance constantly finds ways to help improve the lives of overseas workers in Japan. Let us know if there are any topics you’d like us to cover.

Remit with convenience using Smiles Mobile Remittance

Please expect long queues at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate when you’re renewing your Philippine passport, especially since many Filipinos are applying for the same type of application. To make your waiting time worthwhile, we recommend navigating the Smiles App to see its useful and updated features. If you still haven’t downloaded the app yet, you may get it from the following link: https://smileswallet.com/app

Smiles Mobile Remittance recognizes the needs of OFWs in Japan, particularly in making sure that their hard-earned money is conveniently and safely remitted to their loved ones in the Philippines. In order to achieve convenience and safety, Smiles continuously updates its system and features to match the needs and requests of all its customers.

To learn more about Smiles Mobile Remittance, click here.

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