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Top 10 Hacks to Stay Cool in Summer in Japan


As the weather is becoming warmer, are you beginning to constantly think more about ways to stay cool in Summer in Japan? Have no fear, as Smiles has put together a list of hacks to keep your body cool in Japan’s summer weather. We’ve listed some summer food, products, apparel and more that can easily be found in drug stores and 100 yen shops in Japan as well as online. Take a look and see what suits you!

10 hacks to keep cool in Summer in Japan

1. Get cooling sprays and lotion

Japan has invented life-changing products that will let your body feel icy cool such as the shirt cooling spray where you just spritz the mist onto an item of clothing, let it dry and wear it outside. The cooling body lotion is another useful product where you apply it to your skin and your body will feel a cooling sensation throughout the day. You may find these products online as well as at the local drug store in Japan.

shirt cooling

neocool lotion

2. Soothe yourself to sleep with ice pillows

Are you having a hard time sleeping in the middle of a Japanese summer night with your body covered in sweat? Try the ice pillow! You can purchase it easily online or find it at a local drug store in Japan.

ice pillow

3. Hydrate with Japan’s summer drinks

Japan’s summer is known to be a mixture of intense heat and high humidity. In order to replenish your body and keep yourself hydrated, Pocari Sweat, as described by Otsuka Pharmaceutical (who sells them), “is a health drink that contains a balance of ions (electrolytes) that resembles the natural fluid balance in the human body.” The flavor is similar to lightly salted grapefruit but it isn’t bitter. Mugicha is barley tea, which is known to cool down your body. Of course, we cannot forget water. A common brand you may see everywhere you go in Japan is いろはす (Irohasu). All of these drinks can be found at a supermarket, drug store, convenience store and online.

pocari sweat


irohasu water

4. Get body cooling wipes

Keep a small pack of body cooling wipes in Japan. They’re ideal in the summertime. Easily wipe a sheet on your body and you’ll be left with an ice-cooling sensation. Find them online or at the drug store in Japan.

biore wipes

5. Wear cooling Airism apparel from Uniqlo

The infamous brand, Uniqlo, sells a line of clothing for Japan’s hot summer known as Airism. The material they use interacts with the heat and sweat from your body and turns it into a cooling layer. It’s affordable and there are tank tops and underwear available for everyone.

uniqlo womens tank

uniqlo mens shirt

uniqlo kids tank top

6. Block the sun rays with a parasol/UV-blocking umbrella

The sun in the summer in Japan is very intense. Many Japanese people want to keep their skin from being damaged in the sunlight so it’s very common to use a parasol. You can purchase UV umbrellas almost anywhere including department stores and local shop arcades. Many of them are light and small enough to carry in a bag.

uv umbrella

7. Use a portable fan

There are many humid days in the summer in Japan where there’s no wind. Yes. Imagine being drenched in sweat with no breeze to help cool you off. Fortunately, with portable fans on the market, you won’t come across that issue with handheld or neck fans. They can be found online, at the department store or at the mall.

portable fan

neck fan

8. Wipe your sweat with a handkerchief or towel

If you’re a simple person who just needs to wipe the sweat from your face or neck in the summer in Japan, use a handy dandy handkerchief or a mini towel. They’re actually a popular summer item since they’re easy to carry, affordable and they do the job.


9. Enjoy some Japanese ice cream

You can never go wrong with a tasty treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth and cool your body during Japan’s summer weather. A common summer food in Japan is ice cream, and they are everywhere. Find them in a convenience store, supermarket or at a nearby vending machine. Below, are some popular summer treats in Japan.


jumbo ice cream


super cup ice cream

10. Wear an ice scarf

Keep your neck and the rest of your body cool with an ice scarf. Simply put it in cold water and wear it when you venture out in the heat. There are more fashionable scarfs on the market, but if you’re looking for something that just does the job, you can find an affordable one online or at a mall.

ice scarf

We know it’s always a struggle to keep cool in the summertime in Japan, so we hope our hacks will prevent you from feeling irritated with Japan’s summer weather. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these products or let us know if there are other ways you try to stay cool in the summer in Japan.

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