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Top 10 Questions that will be asked during Driver’s License Exam

Driver’s License Exam.

Top 10 Questions that will be asked during Driver’s License Exam

Are you going to a Driving school right now, and you are worried about the exam.
On this blog, we listed the most important questions that will help you during your driver’s license exam. Get your notebook prepared and let’s do the studying!

Question 1

When you try to make a right turn at an intersection, you need to be careful because it may be difficult to see a motorcycle approaching from the opposite direction.

Correct answer ○

If a motorcycle is driving just behind an oncoming vehicle, it may be difficult to see it due to the shadow of the vehicle, so be careful when turning right.

Question 2

I drank alcohol at home, but since it was just a little, I drove my car and went shopping.

Correct answer ×

Do not drive a car while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, stimulants, thinners, etc. The same applies for driving the next morning where there is still the influence of alcohol, even if the alcohol was consumed the night before.

Question 3

When making a left turn, you may get caught in an accident with a bicycle or motorcycle, so you must check your left side just before executing a left turn.

Correct answer ○

motorcycle or a moped may be driving in the blind spot on the left rear of your vehicle, and you may get caught in a traffic accident when you turn left. It is necessary to check your rear left (blind spot) just before turning left.

Question 4

A pedestrian was walking near an intersection without a pedestrian crossing, so I honked my horn and passed through with caution.

Correct answer x

When a pedestrian is crossing an intersection with or without a pedestrian crossing, do not block his/her passage.

Question 5

Although it was an overtaking prohibited area, there were no oncoming vehicles, So I went into the oncoming lane (right lane) and overtook the car in front of me.

Correct answer x

Do not overtake in a place where overtaking is prohibited even if there is no oncoming vehicle. And even when overtaking is allowed, do not overtake when the vehicle in the oncoming lane or tram is obstructed .

Question 6

The traffic light in front was a blinking red light, so I slowed down and passed through with caution.

Correct answer ×

For the blinking red traffic lights, cars and trams must stop at the stop position and check safety before passing. It is the same as when a stop sign is in place.

Question 7

Since the railroad crossing had good visibility on both sides, without changing my speed I crossed.

Correct answer ×

Traffic accidents resulting in fatalities or serious injuries are prone to happen at railroad crossings. Do not automatically assume that it is safe to cross. When you pass through a railroad crossing, you must stop just before it.

Question 8

When turning right, if there is a vehicle or streetcar going straight or making a left turn at the intersection, do not interfere with the passage of the vehicles or streetcars, even if your vehicle enters the intersection first.

Correct answer ○

A lot of traffic accidents occur in intersections or areas near them. When passing through an intersection, you must be careful about oncoming vehicles and pedestrians, etc., and proceed at the safest speed and method possible, depending on the situation of the intersection.

Question 9

Be careful when passing by a stopped car, as the door may open suddenly, or someone may jump out of the car’s shadow.

Correct answer ○

When passing by a stopped car, it is necessary to pass at a safe speed so that even if the door suddenly opens or a person jumps out, you can stop the vehicle.

Question 10

At an intersection with similar road width, do not block the movement of vehicles coming from the right.

Correct answer ×

At intersections with similar road widths, vehicles traveling from the left have priority.

There are some websites where you can practice the same questions
Good luck! And Safe driving.

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