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Top 5 Horror Movies on Netflix Japan


It is that time of the year, the Halloween season is here. We now have the itch to watch something that will keep us awake at night and get us into the mood for this spooky season. I love watching horror films, so here are my top recommendations for you! Watch at your own risk. 

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1. Lights Out

If you are the kind of person who sleeps with a nightlight on because they are afraid of the dark, this movie will leave you with more to fear about the night. When the main protagonist, Rebecca, left home, she thought that her childhood nightmares were over. This movie will have you thinking about what is real and what isn’t. Rebecca’s brother, Martin then begins to experience the similar nightmares she did. But it has gone beyond just dreams.  Rebecca then finds out that it is connected to her mother in some way. A supernatural entity that has returned with vengeful intent to harm the family. If you were afraid of the dark before, your irrational fears just might turn into reality.

2. Creep

A movie that brings you through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The slow progression from harmlessly weird to insanely dangerous is well portrayed. If you want a horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Creep will be sure to do that. The protagonist, Aaron, answers an online ad for a filming job and drives to a stranger’s house in the middle of the woods. The man who puts up the ad, claims that it is for a movie for his unborn child. Aaron plays along, but the requests get more bizarre as the day goes along. Even as adults, we should really be careful of strangers.

3. Hereditary

If you are into horror movies that are about the supernatural, this movie is for you. It is a story about inheriting something beyond the usual things such as genes or property, it is a dark and sickening story of how a family betrays their own for something else they value more. The story goes that when the Grandmother passed away, the mother and children began to discover terrifying secrets about her.  Their grandmother kept to herself a lot and for good reason too. She was tied to something evil. The movie is about trying to outrun the dark fate they have inherited. But can you really outrun something that is passed onto you? A good film to ignite the imagination of the darkest things that could happen within the place and people you’re supposed to call home.

4. The Stepfather

This movie is more of a thriller, but scary enough to be considered one that will leave you worrying about the characters every step of the way. The story goes, that the eldest in the family, returns home from military school, he discovers that his mother’s boyfriend, named David. David seems to be making his mother happy, but there is something about his character that did not seem to match what he portrayed. As time passes, David begins to show his true self. A story that unravels in a way that begins with the gut feeling that you can predict what will happen next, but it surprises you with something else.

5. Incantation

A film that will make you feel like you are being cursed to watch it play out. The cinematography and sounds will give you nightmares about the film. It will teach you about respecting others’ religious customs and avoiding disrespecting other people’s beliefs. The protagonist was cursed after breaking a religious taboo; now, she is doing all she can to protect her daughter from the consequences of her actions. So, let us be respectful of others’ beliefs, no matter what opinion we may have on them.

Enjoy this Halloween season by watching one or more of these horror films! 

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