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Vaccine Passports in Japan: When will they be issued? What do we need to know?


COVID-19 was first identified in December 2019. Masses of people have been affected in some way or have been suffering from the virus. After years of fighting and struggling against the strong infectivity of COVID-19, we finally have a vaccine. The first vaccine was created in December 2020, and it has been almost six months since the world started the treatments. Now, to fix the global economy issues, many countries are starting to distribute vaccine passports. Below are many commonly asked questions that we’ve researched about Japan vaccine passports and answered for you so please enjoy the read.

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When will the vaccine passport be issued?

Starting July 26, the Japanese government will start accepting Japan vaccine passport registrations. Before you can get the vaccine passport you should have the COVID-19 vaccines.

What is a vaccine passport?

A vaccine passport is a document that will allow you to prove that you are vaccinated against COVID-19 and may allow you to have more freedom to travel.Countries like Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic have already issued vaccine passports for individuals who are vaccinated. Additionally, countries of the EU also started distributing the digital vaccine passport from July 1 called the “IATA (International Air Transport Association) Travel Pass”. By the end of July, the Japanese government will have a vaccine passport on paper, but the Japanese government is planning to have digital vaccine passports similar to other countries.

What are the four “proposals” of Japan vaccine passports?

Since the Japanese government will potentially distribute digital Japan vaccine passports, Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organization https://www.keidanren.or.jp/en/profile/pro001.html) is planning to have four proposals when the Japan vaccine passports are issued. They are currently pending at the moment. Keidanren is asking the government if they can respond as soon as possible since many companies can’t continue their business until the winter.

1. Variety of Discounts Proposal

If you present a Japan vaccine passport to restaurants or other eating/drinking places, the menu prices and the table charge of the facility will be discounted. Plus, points can be accumulated. This proposal is similar to the previous Go To Eat Campaign https://tokyocheapo.com/food-and-drink/go-to-eat-campaign/.

2. Domestic Travel Proposal

If you have a Japan vaccine passport, you can join domestic travel tours without any restrictions,

and potentially, there will be discounts offered like the Go To Travel Campaign


3. Priority Admission Proposal

If you have a Japan vaccine passport, you can be prioritized when you’re entering venues like sports arenas, business centers, and large events.

4. Reducing Activity Restrictions Proposal

If you can present your Japan vaccine passport, you will be able to visit nursing homes and medical institutions with little to no restrictions. Ever since the pandemic started, people can’t even visit their loved ones in hospitals, nursing homes, or even at the funeral of their loved ones.

What if I can’t get the vaccine passport due to health conditions?

Japan vaccine passports can be beneficial, but there have been concerns in regard to people who can’t get vaccines due to their health conditions. According to Takasaka Akiko of Japan Research Institute https://www.jri.co.jp/english/company/, there is deep-rooted opposition to vaccine passports in the United States, saying that they “encourage vaccinations and violate the freedom of individuals,” and they are basically left to the efforts of private entities.At the moment, the government is not expecting the Japan vaccine passports to be used right away, but deep discussions will be held to determine whether they can be used in the future.Smiles is sharing up-to-date blogs about COVID-19, including this one, to make our community feel safer and spread more smiles. So, please feel free to give them all a read. Stay safe and healthy!

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