5 Food Delivery Startup in Japan: Enjoy Food Without the Corona Risk

Hey Smiles friends! Welcome back to our Lifestyle article series. Today, we will discuss about food delivery service in Japan. As we all know, now that the danger of Corona is looming around us again, we should take the best precautions! So, for us to keep enjoying food or time with our families, food delivery is one of the best options for social distancing.

What is a food delivery service?

For those who have been living in Japan for a while, they have probably already realized that recently there are a lot of bikers bringing a huge bag! These are probably one of the food delivery services in Tokyo.

These services utilizes applications and the web. By downloading their applications or opening their site, users can order food by a few taps.

The Services You Can Choose:

1. Uber Eats (English Available)

Ordering with uber eats is possible with only three simple steps. Search, Order, and Confirmation. Uber Eats is probably the most popular food delivery service in japan. And if you are walking around in the big city, there is a high probability that you have seen their riders at least once. To read more details, check our article about them.

Rakuten seems like the most sophisticated food delivery service in Japan, with site-oriented services. Users are divided into standard and premium memberships. Furthermore, there are coupons available that user can choose from.

Maisyoku is a service centered on people. Their services also utilize the power of mobile application. Their selling points are the power of interaction and app packed with features.
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Fine Dining is on the higher end of the spectrum. Their focus is for special occasions or events. Currently, they are available for Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Demae-can is one of the most fun delivery service providers. They have a gamify system in their application according to how often users use their services. Demae is also the most popular choice for Japanese users.
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