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Top 5 websites to find jobs for Filipinos in Canada

jobs for Filipinos in Canada

What usually brings smiles to most Filipinos in Canada? Eating out with family and friends, enjoying good old delicious Filipino cuisines! Places which have been part of Filipino traditions. Ambiance that brings back memories of special family occasions. They need not go back home to experience and enjoy these well missed happenings here in Canada, their home away from home. So here are the top 5 Filipino restaurants in Edmonton:


Indeed is an American worldwide employment website for job listings. Launched eighteen years ago, Indeed became the number one job site in Canada, used also by a lot of Filipinos. They can search for jobs in specific locations in Canada and specific categories. Just like any job websites, they require signing up which is also beneficial for job seekers because they get alerted once there is a job posting that matches with their resume or qualifications. Click here


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet and is more known to job seekers in Canada. Just create a profile and get started on your job search. LinkedIn operates via websites and mobile apps. They also give notification for job matches. Click here.


Government of Canada Job bank, with over 100K jobs posting.  Jobs are sorted by: Best match, Date Posted, and Last 30 days. They can also narrow their search to a particular job They are searching and the location where they want to find a job.  For better use of the job bank search, it is advice that they create an account. Click here.


Website for Job seekers who wanted to find overseas employment, not only in Canada but all over the world. They also need to sign up on the website so they can start looking for available employment here in Canada. Industrial Personnel and Management Services Inc. or IPAMS is the top POEA licensed and multi-awarded Philippine Recruitment Agency. IPAMS also does not charge placement fee and processing fee. Click here.

Mercan Canada

Mercan Canada Employment Philippines Inc. is the central recruitment and evaluation hub of the Mercan Group of Companies. Their job openings site is very useful and among the most reliable source of legitimate job postings. They employ industry experts as their Recruitment Evaluators/Assessors for screening, interviewing, and assessing applicants. Click here.

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