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Kabayan Remit Exchange Rates and Service Fees

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When did Kabayan Remit start their operation?

Kabayan Remit started their operation in 2014 and launched their mobile remittance in 2016. In 2017, Asenso Remit was launched in Canada. Kabayan Remit was launched in Europe in 2020 and became until today, the leading online money transfer platform in the UK focusing on money remittance to the Philippines. March of 2022 when so Remit in Canada merged with Kabayan Remit in UK. In the same year they reached over 2.4 million transactions. 

Now, as one of the mobile remittance players in Canada, Kabayan Remit Canada focuses mostly on Filipino market. With their great understanding of the Philippines and its culture, Kabayan Remit Canada promised to provide a unique approach in helping Filipinos send their hard-earned money to their loved ones back home. 

Kabayan Remit Canada Exchange Rates and Service Fees

Kabayan Remit Canada tried to offer a competitive exchange rate but seldom became the highest. 
The latest exchange rate of Kabayan Remit is 41.70 while Smiles Mobile Remittance offers 41.80
Kabayan Remit service fees: Their first remittance is FREE. 

Kabayan Remit Canada Bank Deposit Fees and Remittance Fees

The Remittance Fee of Kabayan Remit Canada increases in proportion to the increase in amount of the remittance to as much as $70.00 for a remittance of $10,000.00. 

On single transfer in Canada, they can send up to $3,000.00, excluding fee through Interac e-transfer and up to 100,000.00 PESOS on a single transaction to any cash collection outlet in the Philippines. 

The total amount a person can send within 31 days (about 1 month) is $10,000.00. 

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