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Top 5 jobs for Filipinos in Canada

jobs for filipinos in canada

1. Health Care/Personal Care/Hospital workers.

The increase in the total number of aging Canadians boost demand for health care services, in fact, Canadians aged 65 and over account for about 37% of total national spending on health care. Plus, the sad fact is that one in five Canadians aged 15 years and over had a disability, and one in five who has a disability are classified as having “very severe” disability. These are the reasons why health care, personal care, and hospital jobs are one of the top jobs for Filipinos in Canada. In fact, more than 20% of Filipinos in Canada are working in the health care and social assistance service industry. And because health care services are government funded, Hospitals is the number one in ten biggest Industries by employment in Canada, having industry employment of 672,921.

2. Food Service/ Cook/ Restaurant Staff and Crew

Second in the rank for industries with most employment in Canada is the Full-Service Restaurants, with industry employment of 531,399 as of 2022. Fast Food Restaurants, however, has an industry employment of 402,477, and ranked as fourth.  Even though Food industry is one of the hardest hit by Covid 19 Pandemic, the industry forecast is still positive as they experience continued growth now that everything is going back to normal. There is a 21.6% growth forecast for the Foodservice Industry this year as compared to 2021. For 2023, industry experts expect the commercial food industry to grow by 5.3% to $78.6 billion, which is higher than pre covid 19 pandemic industry performance. The demand for food service workers, cook and restaurant staff are growing especially in Alberta, with more than five thousand job postings for the latter part of this year alone. 

3. Constructions

Most places in Canada are known for the harsh winter season, therefore, road maintenance works are regular and annual projects, and energy infrastructure, power grid, clean water, hospitals and health care facilities. Many construction projects are essential for Canadian’s quality of life and the reason why Canada was third (3rd) in the top ten countries in the world with the best quality of life. Construction is the backbone of the Canadian economy. They generate jobs, the construction industry collectively employs 1.4 million workers and contribute 7.5% of Canada’s gross domestic product. There are almost a thousand construction job postings on various job sites. 

4. Supermarket and Grocery Store worker /Retail Stores /Sales associate

With industry employment of 436,261, and $115bn in market size, Supermarkets and Grocery Stores Industry comprises the largest food retail channel in Canada. Despite of Covid 19 pandemic, Supermarkets and grocery stores experience a spike in growth. Lockdowns and state of emergency declarations make consumers flock to supermarkets in fear of not having enough food and essential supplies during the pandemic. Industry outlook, however, is still positive as the pandemic recedes, and the economy begins to return to normal. There are 265 Job postings in Alberta and more than a hundred all over Canada for this industry for the last quarter of this year. 

5. IT Consulting/ Computer System design and services/Data processing

One of the fastest growing industries not only in Canada but also worldwide, is Information Technology (IT).  Businesses rely on IT support to operate efficiently. Almost all essentials in our daily life depend on Information Technology, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, schools, transportation and so on. IT has an industry employment of 345,541 in Canada as of 2022. The IT consulting industry is projected to have a continued growth in Canada as more businesses are expected to take advantage of cloud-computing technology which rapidly removes barriers between companies and users and enables a more customized business experience. Cyber security issues also spur continued demands for IT workers. There are 159 latest job postings in Canada for IT workers and professionals.    

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