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Moving to Canada? The 5 Most Useful Apps


Moving can bring about all different kinds of stress. Thankfully we live in the 21st century and we have created the smartphone with apps that would make our lives easier. Here are five applications that will help you save time and money as well as make life easier for you. 

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1. Local Banking App – Download for better financial habits

Once you open a local bank account, it would be advantageous for you to download the mobile application. It would be a secure and helpful platform for transacting, making a bank account, deposits, starting investments, and paying rent and bills all in one place. 

Suggested banks you can apply to:

  1. Royal Bank of Canada
  2. Toronto-Dominion Bank
  3. Bank of Nova Scotia
  4. Bank of Montreal
  5. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

2. Transit App – Download for an easy transportation planning

Transportation is essential once you arrive in Canada. If you have an international drivers license you can rent a car. But for most people we would need to use public transport to get around. Public transport can be unpredictable and routes can differ, it can get complicated. Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada recommends the Transit app. This transportation application will show you the real time arrival schedule of the buses. Once you input the destination it will offer you the best transit options. You will be able to view the transit time, price and number of transfers you need to do to get to your destination. You can even save the routes that you find and put them in a calendar. Additionally you can set time alarms, GPS destination alarms and many more. 

3. Flipp App – Download for coupons and discounts

Do you have a love for coupons and discounts? Thankfully there is an app for this now. This will help you save tons of money. On the Flipp app you will be able to save money on deals and promotions that they offer. The Flipp app uses your location to find the deals from the stores that are near you. This includes the grocery, pharmacy, home & garden, electronics, pet supplies and more. Keep this app handy for when you restock on your food supplies and other home goods needs.

4. Kijiji App – Download for secondhand deals and cheap rent

Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada values your money and recommends that you use the Kijiji app. The Kijiji app will let you buy and sell conveniently. Just with your mobile phone you can give your pre-loved/used items a new home. There is something for everyone on this app. This is particularly useful when you move to a new country and want to lessen your expenses. On the Kijiji app you can find things such as books, clothes, mattresses and furniture at low prices. You can even find places to rent at cheap prices.

5. Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada – Download to send money safely and conveniently

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When moving to a different country, we leave people we love. We all move for different reasons, but always towards making life better for ourselves and our loved ones. Sometimes with our lack of presence we would like to make up for it with gifts or sending money. As we move to a different country and our schedules become quite busy, lining up at a remittance center can be quite time-consuming. Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada offers the most convenient means to send love back home. It is an app that is quite 

A remittance service so convenient it takes almost no time to download and start sending money. You can simply apply with a selfie and some personal information. You will then be qualified as a Basic Member and can start sending money through Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada. We offer one of the highest and best exchange rates in the market. Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada makes sure to charge low fees. Our bank transfer fee is as low as CAD 3.99. With Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada you can save time and money. You will be able to send more using our money transfer service. 

Download these apps today! Make your life easier. Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada wishes you all the best as you start a new life in Canada.

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