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The Struggles and Hardships of Marienel, Also Known as Nel in Canada

Nel in Canada

Marienel, also known as Nel, was born in 1996 in the province of Pampanga, Philippines. Her early years in the Philippines were filled with fond memories of a supportive environment, good people, and a rich culture. However, like many, Marienel faced her share of hardships and struggles.

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The most challenging period in Marienel’s life occurred in the Philippines when her family’s business started to decline. Engaged in supplying bundles of thrift clothes, Marienel tried various other ventures to sustain their livelihood. Unfortunately, their efforts took a tragic turn when they fell victim to a scam just after Marienel had given birth, plunging her into depression. This challenging time left Marienel and her husband feeling lost and uncertain.

The turning point in their lives came when they sought solace in their faith. Marienel learned to lean on the Lord and surrender her troubles, discovering that even in the darkest moments, their Creator was there to guide them. This experience became an eye-opener for Marinel, teaching her the importance of faith and continuous prayer. Despite the difficulties, she held onto the belief that great things could happen when one believes in the Lord.

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Grateful for her husband’s unwavering support during the toughest times, Marienel made a bold decision to seek a better life abroad, choosing Canada as her destination. Unlike others, she began her Canadian journey as an international student, opting for the student pathway. Adjusting to a new climate, and culture, and the challenge of studying while caring for her family, Marienel faced numerous obstacles.

As you read this, Marienel is still in her third semester, with just one semester left to complete her studies in supply chain and operations. Despite the difficulties, she appreciates the simplicity of life in Canada and recognizes the opportunities it provides for her and her family. Inspired by her experiences, Marienel decided to share her life in Canada through vlogging, attracting a substantial Filipino audience.

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Marienel remains committed to inspiring others, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness and freeing oneself from the burdens of grudges. Her marriage, though challenged, stands as a testament to the strength of her relationship with her husband. She imparts the lesson to her followers: never stop chasing your dreams, no matter the obstacles life presents. Marienel firmly believes that unexpected setbacks may be part of God’s plan, preparing individuals for significant breakthroughs in their lives. Always trust and have faith in the Lord.

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