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The Success story of Lester, known as “Tara sa Canada”

Tara sa Canada

Lester’s journey from Quezon, Philippines, to becoming the renowned “Tara sa Canada” vlogger was a rollercoaster of dreams, challenges, and faith.

Growing up with his mother while his father worked overseas as an OFW, Lester, the eldest among his siblings, always admired his father’s ability to provide a better life for the family. Despite graduating as an Industrial Engineer, Lester harbored the dream of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming an OFW himself.

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However, the path to fulfilling his dream was fraught with difficulties. Rejected three times while attempting to work in Singapore, Lester faced the harsh reality of job hunting and the emotional toll it took on him. Determined not to give up, Lester found a job in the Philippines as an engineer at Epson. Yet, the desire to work abroad lingered, and an opportunity finally arose in Taiwan. Unfortunately, homesickness and depression forced Lester to cut short his three-year contract.

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Back in the Philippines, after reflecting on his decisions, Lester sought a second chance from the Lord. His prayers were answered when he secured a job in Japan, where he embraced the culture and finished his contract successfully. Subsequently, Lester seized an opportunity to work in Canada through Chartreuse Prime Recruitment Agency.

His journey in Canada was not without challenges, including culture shock and language barriers. However, Lester faced each hurdle head-on and adapted seamlessly. After almost two years in Canada, he continued to study French and achieved permanent selection.

Motivated by his experiences, Lester launched his vlog six months ago with a mission to help fellow Filipinos secure opportunities abroad. His engaging content about job opportunities and life in Canada garnered him hundreds of thousands of followers, earning him the moniker “Tara sa Canada.”

Teaming up with Smiles Mobile Remittance, Lester and Smiles shared a common mission of spreading smiles and hope among Filipinos aspiring to work in Canada. In a heartfelt message, Lester encouraged his fellow countrymen to strive for success through hard work and prayer, citing Matthew 19:26.

Lester Gozon Mayuga’s journey is a testament to perseverance, faith, and the pursuit of dreams against all odds.

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