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5 Cheap and Delicious Kaiten Sushi Places in Japan


Are you looking for cheap sushi that still tastes delicious? There are various types of sushi in Japan and numerous restaurants that serve them. So, which places are the best? Based on Smiles’s experience, we have put together a list of 5 cheap and delicious kaiten sushi restaurants in Japan. All of them have sushi for 100 yen and they’re chain restaurants so you can find them all throughout the country. They may even pop up when you search for “kaiten sushi near me.”

1. Hama Sushi

hama sushi

Hama Sushi is one of the most popular kaiten sushi restaurants in Japan with over 500 locations throughout the country. Many of their sushi dishes cost 110 yen (including tax). Additionally, they sell desserts and side dishes for less than 300 yen each.

Check their locations here.

2. Sushiro


Known as the No. 1 kaiten sushi restaurant in terms of sales in Japan, Sushiro is the best cheap sushi conveyer belt shop that has been around for 30 years. It sells around 80 mouth-watering varieties of 100 yen sushi (excluding tax) as well as affordable side dishes for under 400 yen each. They’re located everywhere including bustling areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku of Tokyo.

Check their locations towards the bottom of their homepage.

3. Kappa Sushi

Kappa Sushi

Kappa Sushi has been around for almost 50 years and is also known for its cheap and delicious kaiten sushi. Most of their sushi dishes are sold for around 100 yen and similar to other sushi restaurants, they also sell side dishes and desserts. Although Kappa Sushi can only be found outside of metropolitan areas in Japan, you can come across the well-known sushi chain restaurant in calmer sub-urban areas.

Check their locations here.

4. Sushi Zanmai

sushi zanmai

For almost 40 years, Sushi Zanmai has been known for their quality kaiten sushi experience. Their sushi and other dishes tend to be slightly higher in price compared to other kaiten sushi restaurants, but they emphasize the importance of quality in their menu items. You will mainly find sushi for around 150 yen each compared to 100 yen sushi at the other places listed above.

Check their locations here.

5. Kura Sushi


Kura Sushi has been around for 44 years and is known for its quality sushi for a great price. It’s known to be the best cheap kaiten sushi restaurant in Japan. They have other locations in other countries such as the United States and Taiwan, which totals over 450 locations throughout the world. You will see a vast menu of cheap sushi and side dishes ranging from 100 yen to around 1000 yen depending on the portion size.

Check their locations here.

6. Other Cheap and Delicious Sushi Places to eat

  2. Ganso Sushi
  3. Uogashi Nihonichi 
  4. Sushi Katsura

Japan is known for its hyped-up sushi market. There are numerous sushi restaurants located everywhere in the country. Whether they’re high-end or low-class, you can’t go wrong with either quality levels of sushi. If you want to have a mouthful of good sushi while getting the bang for your buck, we highly recommend you to visit one or all of the five kaiten sushi places we mentioned earlier. Happy eating from Smiles!

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