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NEW SERVICE – “Mobile Mart”. Strongly backs up store management in the social distance era, easy to open mobile store.

Smiles Mobile Mart
Digital Wallet Solutions Inc released Mobile store service “Mobile Mart” for several countries such as Philippines and Japan! Stores can be started immediately on smartphones even for small and local businesses!

Even food and daily necessities are restricted or difficult to sell at the actual store due to the new corona virus. It becomes an environment where you can shop without contact and crowd is essential for business continuity for all sellers.​

However, many sellers are in a state where it is virtually impossible to use major EC services due to the high hurdles of examination and usage environment and high fees.

Mobile Mart is a mobile store management service that allows you to easily provide services to local customers on mobile, without having to wait for product selection or waiting at the store, from ordering to receiving.

With just a smartphone, inventory registration management and order/receipt operations can be operated anytime, anywhere. You can open your own store by applying from the web for at least 1 day.

Focusing on users such as ordering and picking up stores in the local grocery market in the Philippines, the Digital Wallet Group has been doing so far to support stores that want to continue selling while achieving social distances with their customers around the world. We have released a service based on EC technology for companies.


■ Features and Functions

◇ Essential platform in the era of social distancing

Since customers can shop without visiting the actual stores directly, the risk of infection can be reduced. Contactless sales that do not touch the goods will provide fresh and clean products.​

◇ Simple Price

You can choose the most suitable plan from the four price plans for businesses of all sizes. No matter how much your sales increase, it is a simple fee system that only pays a fixed fee every month.​

◇ Mobile Mart supporting Local Business

Mobile Mart is a service that promotes local production for local consumption. Through activities that consume locally produced products locally, we are supporting the construction of a system that enables people to buy and sell daily necessities only in their own area, even in an environment such as a pandemic, without relying on the import source.​

◇ Pickup or Delivery

Products can be picked up at actual stores or directly delivered to customer’s house.
Delivery to customers is done directly by the store owner in partnership with delivery company.​

■ Main Functions

Centralized management of all product registration, order processing, management operations, etc. on mobile!

Product Registration

Register photos and names of products, description of products, price setting, etc.​


When an order is entered, customer information and order details are entered in the order list, and you can check each order​

Product Search

Search by keyword or store name. Make it easier for customers to find products.​

Shipping Notification

Notifications can be sent to the customer’s smartphone when the product is ready for delivery or when the shipment is complete.​

Inventory Control

For each stock, you can set the number of stocks, amount, type, image addition, category setting, description, discount, etc.​

Store Settings

You can set the store name, store description, business hours, photos, store policy, and more.​

Push Notification

Can send push notifications to customers smartphone. You can promote your purchase by distributing the information you want to advertise, such as new menus and bargain products.​

QR code Function

Can place the QR code in the actual store and read it by the customer to jump to the online store. By flying directly, not only will it lead to smooth shopping, but it will also be easier for customers to follow the store and approach.​


The factors such as sales data, the number of new customers, and data results obtained from best-selling products can be pursued to increase sales.

In addition, it is equipped with functions necessary for store management, such as customer management, category management, and delivery date setting.​


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