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The Most Convenient Way to Send Money Could Also Be the Most Affordable Ones

International Money Transfer Service User

Making an intelligent choice when transferring money internationally is a must! Choose the right service (Get your Bang for your Bucks!).

The land of the rising sun. This is how Japan has been known globally for years. It is beautiful yet wondrous, with a lot of notable things. Nita has finally arrived, to this land where she has dreamt to stand tall, inside the Tokyo tower overlooking the cityscape of Tokyo. 


Stepping into this land of sushi for the first time, not even a bit of hesitation has been felt by her. It was as if she was on cloud 9; Like a duck which has finally made it back to the water, “I’m home”- she felt. Her dream has finally come true! She finally experienced watching watched Animes such as Naruto and Doraemon, and even the unfamiliar one known as Kiba in Japan. As time passes by, picking-up on her dreams, she has slowly returned to the ground. It is now time to do what she longs for- help her family.


International Money Transfer Service User
Nita, The interviewed international money transfer service user

First time living in a foreign country, Nita decided to send money with the obvious choice. She went to an acclaimed national bank to share what she has so far earned with her blood and tears for the sake of her mother. However, when she arrived in the bank, she got an unexpected surprise. The bank-remitting experience did not turn out as she expected! Her hard-earned yen has become even lesser because of her choice of this international money transfer option. 


The horrible exchange rate, expensive remittance fee and complicated resulted to her frustration. Even acclaimed national banks are doing this. Not wanting to lose the little that she had, she decided to do a quick research.

International Money Transfer Service

  1. All remittance companies have different exchange rates and different fees
  2. All remittance service has its advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Good and honest customer-oriented service is rare.

How to Find the Best Service?

After her quick research, Nita has finally found the right service. She discovered Smiles mobile remittance service. A service with the same values she has. Smile service offers the best exchange rates, affordable fee and fast delivery! Smiles also provides a service in her native tongue, in Indonesian.

The Importance of Company Value: Family

The first thing that made Nita decide to try the Smiles’ service because its company values that focus on the importance of family. A barrage of questions that Nita asked through Smiles Facebook page is always responded with patience and warmed-hearted customer service. Furthermore, Smiles cares about the motherland of their customer majorities. Nita also found out that Smiles warmly welcome all their customers. A customer named Azis (A student in Japan) was welcomed for an office tour and was given an appreciation when he was visiting Tokyo (Came to Smiles Tokyo Office). Bringing home SMILES’ token brought Smiles in his face and warmed his heart.

International money transfer users office tour
5-Star Quality Service with the Highest Rate

After finally trying the international money transfer with Smiles, Nita realized that the service is the best, fastest and most affordable. She also realized that she earns points with every remittance; That, she can use these points to pay for the remittance fees.


Through her pleasant customer experience, be it known that, this article was written based on a personal interview. We are very touched that our hard work has helped our users. We will always strive to be the best in our services; Be the best international money transfer company for our international customers whom we consider as our own family.

Reviews about Smiles Remittance

The best international money transfer service I have tried. High exchange rate, easy to use, mobile convinience, 24/7 available. Customer support is very helpful/ The only remittance company with loyalty points and shokai points that i can use to pay for my remittance fee. My beneficiary receives my remittance in-minutes. No need to wait for the transaction reference number. It is instantly available in the App. Highly recommended!

Belen Molina Furuta, USer

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