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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Rakuten Delivery

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How to use Rakuten Delivery

How to use Rakuten Delivery to order food? Checking from Rakuten official app that you can download from Google Play or Apple Store or from PC. Their target area is across Japan. The opening hours of the restaurants are varies by store. Probably the thing you would want to know the most is shipping fee. It depends on each store; some stores offer no fee for delivery, but some stores apply the fee could be high.

The payment methods for Rakuten Delivery are:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Bill payment
  • Multi-payment

3 Benefits of Using Rakuten Delivery

Have you experienced Rakuten Delivery? Do you use products or services of Rakuten; such as their mobile, credit card, or online shopping service? If your answer is yes; then Rakuten Delivery is the right food delivery service for you! Rakuten Delivery is a delivery service provided by Rakuten. 

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Source: Rakuten Delivery

Rakuten Delivery allows take out and book in advance

One of the benefits using Rakuten Delivery is their feature that offers you to make advance reservations for takeout, specify the time on the day, and make a scheduled delivery. It’s perfect for busy people and people who love events so that you can order food delivery according to your return time or event start time. Also, you can also order not only food but also other services; for example if you have trouble with keys and water supply at home. 

The new “Rakubin” service

The “Rakubin” service delivers food from popular restaurants in the six wards of Tokyo. The difference from Rakuten Delivery is that the delivery staff specializing in “Rakubin” will deliver it to the designated place. Even restaurants that do not provide on-site delivery or catering services can deliver if they are open in “Rakubin”. It is convenient when you want to enjoy the usual restaurant taste at lunch at work or when you want to deliver to the place of cherry blossom viewing.

With “Rakubin,” you can also receive LAWSON products, which are full of daily necessities, and get free shipping. The minimum order amount is 1,500 yen or more, but since the delivery destination can also specify other than home or work, it seems to be used more widely.

If you have a Rakuten ID, Rakuten Delivery is a great deal

As expected, Rakuten is rich in point rewards. If you order from a dedicated smartphone application, you can get a great deal of points. Both the original Rakuten Delivery and “Rakubin” are linked with Rakuten Points, and it is a perfect service for those who want to save a lot of Rakuten Points, such as points can be increased by ordering from the application and points received by each Rakuten member rank can be increased. Of course, the points you receive can be used with other Rakuten services. There are more than 10,000 participating stores nationwide, and there are so many types that there are too many to list them.

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Rakuten Delivery


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