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How to send money/deposit into Smiles Wallet through Yucho Ninsho on smartphone

send money via yucho ninsho

Yucho Ninsho is a domestic money transfer service of Japan Post Bank, which is highly recommended for not only Japanese natives, but also foreigners. Now, Yucho direct bank account owners can only send up to 50,000 Yen to another Yucho bank account free of charge, while Yucho Ninsho allows much more.

Remittance to your beneficiary or top up your Smiles account has never been easier like this way.

Step 1: Log into Yucho Ninsho

Yucho Ninsho
With an OTP (One-Time PIN), we can remit up to 1 Million Yen free of charge through Yucho Ninsho application.

  • Open app ゆちょ認証 (Yucho Ninsho).
  • Choose スマートフォンで (log in on Smartphone).
  • Unlock app using Biometric Verification including Face Recognition or Fingerprint Scans.

Step 2: Sync to Yucho internet banking

Once successfully loging in, tap ダイレクトトップ to connect this app to your Yucho Internet Banking (Yucho Direct) account.

If you do not have Yucho Direct account, please refer to this link. 

Step 3: Verify Yucho internet banking

Now, log in to your Yucho Direct account on this link to verify your account.
As can be seen from the photos above, you need to verify two things:

  1. 生体認証 (Biometric Verification): 登録済 (registered).
  2. PIN認証 (Pin code of remittance confirmation): 登録済 (registered)

Then, tap 振替・振込 (Remittance)

Step 4: Choose the destination bank

yucho remittance

Choose ゆうちょ銀行あて振替 to remit to Yucho bank account.

Or 他金融機関あて振込 to remit to another bank account except except for Yucho bank. Please choose ゆうちょ銀行あて振替.

Step 5: The beneficiary’s bank account

Insert your beneficiary’s bank account information.

Step 6: Confirm Yucho Ninsho Account

After checking the balance, please fill in the beneficiary’s bank account information.

Step 7: Insert transaction information

Then, insert the amount of money you want to send, and choose the date of transaction.

Step 8: Help another remit via your Yucho Ninsho

Once helping another person remit through your Yucho bank account and wanting the beneficiary to know who remits, please insert the name of the remitter in the field ご依頼人名.

Note: Don’t insert your name in this field when depositing into Smiles account.

Step 9: Double-check the information

Double-check your beneficiary’s information including name, account number.

Step 10: Open app Yucho Ninsho

Tap アプリを起動する > Open, to open app Yucho Ninsho, and confirm the remittance.

Step 11: Enter your PIN 認証

Double-check the information. Then, tap 承認, and insert your PIN number.

Step 12: PIN code confirmation

Once PIN認証 is confirmed, tap 実行する to remit, and はい.

Step 13: Transaction receipt

送金結果 (Remittance “result”)

  • It is considered as an receipt or proof of remittance, please take a screenshot and then, use it to report deposit.
  • Save this beneficiary’s information for the next remittance.

Now, you can stay at home to deposit into your Smiles account free of charge and remit on your own phone.


Go to the “Deposit report” screen on Smiles app by following the number of the photo on the left side.



Tap “Use Camera” or “Load from Library” if you want to take a photo or upload your already-taken photo.

Finally, input the amount you deposit and choose “Money transfer via your online banking”; and tap “submit”.


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