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Smiles Customers Across the Miles


Every person’s experience is unique. Smiles Mobile Remittance app was built to give customers the easy and secure experience of sending support to their family and friends back home. As a company we strive to always provide a better service by listening to our customers’ needs. Beyond being a money transfer service, we understand that it is more than just sending finances for our customers, but sending a form of love and support to the ones they care about the most. With each unique experience, we hope that it leaves a lasting impression that affects their lives in a positive way. 

Table of contents

1. Smiles Mobile Remittance App

What is the first thing that you do when you get up in the morning? Most of us check our phones. Smartphones have become such an essential part of our lives. It is probably the last thing we look at before we go to sleep in the evening. Smartphones have given us access to the world of apps. Apps have been created to entertain and/or make our lives easier. Smiles Mobile Remittance was started by IT engineers that supported Sony products and PlayStation Online services. Their wealth of experience, knowledge and drive to create an application that would benefit people’s lives and those around them. Fintech was their chosen field for the type of application that they wanted to create. The Smiles Mobile Remittance App won the Good Design Award in 2021. Smiles is the first international remittance service to receive such an esteemed award. As time passes we continue to be inspired by our customers and would like to share the stories of how Smiles has helped people beyond its prime function as a money transfer application.

2. Smiles Story: Philippines

We pride ourselves in saying that Smiles Mobile Remittance was created by Filipinos for Filipinos. Here we would like to share a story of an Overseas Filipino Worker named Sagiri Wagatsuma-Ragub. She plays the role of the mother of the family, the demands of the family has made it difficult for her to find the time to go out. She is also unable to drive, therefore the availability and ease of use that Smiles Mobile Remittance offers makes sending money trouble-free. She attests to our reliable customer service team by sharing that we can be reached through our facebook and we are quick to act on any concerns she may have.

3. Smiles Stories: Vietnam

Vietnamese are very humble, friendly and open-minded people. As a people, they embrace the principles of Confucianism, which are harmony, duty, honor, respect, education and allegiance to the family. It is very much evident in the testimony of Xuan Thuong, wherein once she received her first salary she wanted to send money back to her family. She had chosen Smiles Mobile Remittance and was pleased with her decision. A person’s first salary is very important, because it marks a chapter in our lives. In other cultures as well, we share this with our families as a form of sharing the blessings or celebrating this chapter. We are happy to have been chosen by Xuan Thuong and that she had shared her great experience with our customer service. 


Pham Luong also shares the same sentiments of what it means to work abroad. Often those that choose to work away from family, need to be there to support their loved ones needs. Distance is one of the big sacrifices they need to make to provide for them. She shares her trust in Smiles Mobile Remittance and how convenient it is for her to use. She finds it useful that we keep our customers updated on the exchange rates. Smiles Mobile Remittance understands the importance of what sending money means to our customers and we take your trust seriously, looking forward to continuing to improve and grow our services to cater to the needs of our customers.


Lastly, our customer Trinh Ha has been using Smiles for over a year. She mentioned one of the core values that Smiles Mobile Remittance has, which is that we value family. She describes us to be as friendly as family. We strive to create strong relationships with our customers, making sure we are dependable and reliable. She appreciates our low fees, high exchange rates and trusted money transfer service. She talks about how she has used other remittance services in the past, but finds Smiles Mobile Remittance to be the best. We are glad that we are here to be of service.

4. Smiles Stories: Nepal

The Nepalese are friendly, warm, and welcoming people. They too value the importance of family and send back home to their loved ones. We highly appreciate the continued patronage. Here we would love to share some testimonials shared by our Nepalese customers.


Krishna Rokka is sharing how our customer service was able to quickly assist her. She shared how we have services for other countries as well. She recommends others to use it as well. Our heart is truly warmed by the kind words shared by Krishna Rokka. We continue to expand and grow as a company. We are looking forward to serving more people and be of service around the globe.


Manisha Shrestha shared how she finds smiles to be easy to use and reliable. We are happy to hear that we are a trusted service. Trust for us is of utmost importance. We know that beyond us being a money transfer service, there is a true understanding of the value the money brings to you and your family. We are here to be a reliable and easy to use service for you to reach your family and deliver to them their financial needs.


Ran Jan Adawas talks about how we compare to other remittance services, we are humbled by these kind words. Thank you for sharing the benefits that we have given to you. We hope to hear more from you and highly appreciate your support.

5. Spreading Smiles Across the Miles

“Our ultimate goal is to spread smiles across the miles by helping our customers and their loved ones live a fulfilling and sustainable life using Smiles Mobile Remittance.” – Eiji Miyakawa, CEO and Founder


As we continue to grow and to expand globally, we aim to give our customers a  service that would make their quality of lives better. We continue to listen to our customers’ voices, opinions and will use this as a means to continue to update and develop our remittance service. We are here to listen and assist towards creating a remittance service that will aid in making a better life and future for our customers. We will continue to spread smiles across the globe and connect families beyond borders.

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