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What is Yukyu/有給?


Hello Smilers! The summer heat is here and it is an excellent time to go out to the beach and enjoy the sea breeze. Unsure if you have a summer holiday in your workplace or not? Do not fret as there is a yukyu (有給) in every company in Japan. Don’t know about yukyu? Smiles is here to explain it to you

What is yukyu (paid leave)

Yukyu (有給) means 100% paid day off. In Japanese, 給 (kyū) means “salary” and 有 (Yū) means “eligible”. If you take a day off and decide to use your yukyu (paid leave), you can go on about your holidays without worrying that your salary next month will be less than what you usually earn as you are taking a paid leave. You can use all of them at one go or split it within that year. You should use them when you have one!

Are you eligible to get a yukyu (paid leave)

The Labor Standards Law states that an employer shall grant an annual paid leave of 10 working days to an employee who has been employed continuously for 6 months calculated from the day of hiring and has reported to work at least 80% of the total working days. An employee that meets the above requirements are entitled to get 10 days of paid leave

The number of days will increase as you work longer in the company. You can use the table below for your reference.

Years 0.5 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5 6.5+
Yukyu (有給)
10 days 11 days 12 days 14 days 16 days 18 days 20 days

How to get your yukyu (paid leave)

Once you have confirmed that you have a yukyu (paid leave), you can take them by giving a notice and approval from your supervisor beforehand. Usually, they will approve it without any hassle and they are not allowed to reject your request unless they have a reasonable reason such as interference in the normal operation of the business (事業の正常な運営). This includes; business scale and business content, job description and job characteristics of employees who applied for paid leave, busy duties, difficulty in allocating alternative personnel, or other employees are taking a day off on the same season.

Before taking your paid leave it is important to collaborate with your co-workers so that everyone will not be requesting to take a day off in that period of time.

How many yukyu (paid leave) can you take?

Usually Japanese people do not use up all of their yukyu (paid leave) for various reasons but the most common ones are; they feel that they are inconsiderate if they take all their yukyu (paid leave) or keep a few days of their paid leave so that they can use them in case they fall sick. If you would like to take all your yukyu (paid leave) it is fine as you deserve to have them for your hard work.

We hope that this article could help you understand what is yukyu (paid leave) in this summer break period so that you can use them now!

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