Foreigners make up about 2% of Japan’s population. Some visit Japan and fall in love (with someone or the culture) to the point where they move to the country and there are some who find career-related opportunities that will require them to pack their bags. Being a foreigner in Japan can bring challenges such as feeling depressed or anxious from being away from their loved ones, immersing themselves in a contrasting culture, learning a completely new language and searching for job opportunities.
One of the most popular online topics searched by foreigners in Japan is job hunting. Jobs for foreigners tend to be rather scarce in relation to the fact that foreigners make up a slim percentage of Japan’s population.
Additionally, foreigners tend to face obstacles when it comes to receiving and filling out government-related documents or following certain law-related procedures. One common example is receiving papers about National Pension which are usually only explained in Japanese. The amount of resources made available to foreigners is still minimal. However, on the bright side, the government and people around the country are increasingly providing information in multiple languages.
In order to lift the stress from many foreigners’ shoulders, Smiles Blogs will provide information related to following governmental procedures and translate news updates on important announcements from the Japanese government if there are minimal translations applied.