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15 Home Hacks for the Humid Rainy Season in Japan


Have you tried to find ways to reduce the humidity in your home during the rainy season in Japan? Are you scared of mold buildup or flies reproducing in your home when it gets hot and humid in Japan? The rainy season’s duration is from the beginning of June to mid-July. Now that it’ll become hotter and more humid, Smiles has compiled a list of ways to combat problems that arise during Japan’s rainy season.

15 Rainy Season Home Hacks in Japan

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Dehumidify the air in your home

1. Purchase a dehumidifier

The dehumidifier machine is a larger investment compared to the other products that we recommend throughout this blog, but it is proven to be more impactful during the rainy season in Japan. This can be placed in an area of your home where you don’t want moisture to be present.

sharp dehumidifier

2. Buy dehumidifying boxes

Follow the instructions on the box to know how to properly disassemble and put together the smaller boxes. It’s highly recommended to place these in areas such as your food cupboard or your closet to capture the moisture in tighter spaces. You can easily find these in the drug store in Japan.

Moisture absorbing boxes

3. Use the dehumidifying feature on your air conditioner

On your air conditioner’s remote control, simply press the “除湿” button. The machine will dehumidify your home. This feature is commonly used during the rainy season in Japan in place of the cooling setting because it reduces the electricity bill.

Prevent mold buildup in the bathroom, drains and washing machine

4. Use anti-mold smoke

This chemical-free product can be used easily to prevent mold from growing in your bathtub or shower. All you need to do is pour water over it to trigger the smoke-effect.

anti-mold smoke

5. Use anti-mold wasabi discs

For your bathroom drain, place an anti-mold disc on top to prevent mold growth inside. The chemical in the disc is the same ingredient inside wasabi so it’s not toxic.

mold disc

6. Have your air conditioner professionally cleaned

At least once a year before the rainy season in Japan approaches, you should call a professional to clean the inside of your air conditioner.

7. Use anti-mold liquid in the washing machine

カビキラー not only is a spray but it also has a product that you can use to put inside of your machine to prevent mold from growing inside.

washing machine カビキラー

8. Keep the washing machine lid open after use

After you take out your clothes from the washing machine, make sure to leave the lid open for a while. That way, the moisture won’t be trapped inside and mold won’t spread mainly during the rainy season.

9. Use anti-mold spray for drains

“カビキラー” (kabi kilah) is a well-known product used to vanish mold inside drains. This can simply be sprayed in drains to prevent mold growth.


10. Use the air drying feature in the bathroom (if you have it)

Many newer apartments have the control panel outside of the bathroom. On the panel, there may be a “乾燥” button which will dehumidify the air. This feature is commonly used to hang-dry clothes inside the bathroom since it’s difficult to find an opportunity to hang them outside during the rainy season.

Keep the bugs away from your home

11. Use bleach-based solution to prevent flies from reproducing

There is a light blueish green bottle known as “キッチンハイター” (kicchin haitah) that is used to not only eliminate mold but also prevent flies from laying their eggs in your drains.

12. Use hanging repellents

There are insect repellent products on the market where you hang them right outside of your door during the rainy season in Japan. They don’t smell like anything to humans but insects are not a big fan and will most likely fly away from it and your home.

hanging repellent

13. Use sweet-scented cups to capture and kill flies

You can place the fly trap cups where you think flies will most likely come from. You can place them near the doors and windows and even near the kitchen sink. The jelly cubes inside are sweet and will attract and trap the small fruit flies.

fly trap cup

14. Use insect/roach repellent spray

To prevent insects, mainly cockroaches, from entering your home, you can use the repellent spray. Please use this outside (due to the strong smell) and spray along the edges of the windows and doors of your home.

bug spray

Other Japan’s rainy season hacks

15. Don’t put anything too close to the wall

If you have a large piece of furniture like a dresser, try not to put it too close to the wall. If the moisture is trapped in between, mold can easily grow there, especially during Japan’s rainy season.

The rainy season in Japan can be unbearable. As many of you know, it can bring issues like mold growing in homes or insect-related problems. In order to experience the summertime in Japan without anxiety over your head, we hope you find the list of hacks helpful. Many of the products we’ve listed can be found online or even at your local drug store. If there are any other hacks for the rainy season in Japan, please let us know!

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