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Best BBQ Places and Beer Gardens in Tokyo


Hello there Smilers! It is getting hot and the summer activities are starting to kick off. What will you do this summer? Have you got anything planned? How about going for a BBQ in Tokyo or having a cold one with your friends outdoors? We are here to introduce the best beer gardens and places to enjoy BBQ in Tokyo. 

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1. Forest Beer Garden – Tokyo

Source: https://mbg.rkfs.co.jp/

The Forest Beer Garden Tokyo is one of the famous beer gardens in Tokyo. The Forest Beer Garden Tokyo is open from April 27, 2022, until September 25, 2022.

Forest Beer Garden Tokyo is located in Meiji Jingu Inner Garden and it is only a 5 minutes walk from JR Shinanomachi station. Enjoy a cold one and all-you-can-eat BBQ outdoors with your loved ones. 


You will be offered a meat platter, vegetable platter, and single-item plate for the BBQ.


The meat platter consists of: 

Seasoned lamb, beef rib, chicken meatball, pork rib and sausage.


Vegetable platter:

Bean sprouts, cabbage, onion, carrot, shishito pepper and squash


Single item plate:
Edamame, french fries, grilled rice balls, fried noodle placate with 2 sauces.


The all-you-can-drink menu is a mix of beers such as Kirin and Heineken. There are also highball and soft drinks. 


It is the must-go BBQ spot in Tokyo and that is why it is no.1 on our list!

2. Wild beach Shinjuku – Tokyo

Source: https://wildbeach.jp/shinjuku/#runway

Wild beach is a glamping/beer garden space not only in Shinjuku but also in Kanagawa. Enjoy rooftop BBQ in Tokyo with a beach vibe. Wild beach Shinjuku does not only offer rooftop BBQ in Tokyo but they also offer different areas for events. They offer 5 different areas which are the Runway Beach with tables and benches, the Luxury Terrace with comfy sofas in the shades, Yellow LA garden with bright umbrellas and tables, Anniversary Room for a special occasion and a Glamping Deck for camping lovers. 


You can order your food from Wild Beach Shinjuku Itself with the plan starting from 3,100 yen onwards or you can choose the cheaper options of 2,000 yen and you get to bring your own food and ingredients. Both options are relatively cheap for having BBQ in Tokyo and with an additional of 1.000 yen, you can have an all-you-can-drink plan. This is the perfect place to enjoy the beach vibe BBQ in Tokyo. 

3. Matcha Beer Garden – Tokyo

source: https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/things-to-do/matcha-beer-garden

Are you tired of the ordinary beer garden in Tokyo? Looking for a new kind of experience beer garden in Tokyo? We got you covered! Try out the Matcha Beer Garden in Tokyo, Ochanomizu. it is located in the heart of the city and from guessing from the name, you could probably guess what is so special about this beer garden in Tokyo. Yes, all the drinks are infused with Matcha!


They have matcha beer, matcha whisky and soda, hojicha beer, matcha wine and many more green tea or matcha-related drinks. It is recommended that you book your seat before going. There is a seat inside the shop but you can request a seat on the terrace depending on the weather. For reservation at Matcha Beer Garden, click here 


 This is a must-try if you are adventurous and would like to try out a new beer garden in Tokyo

4. Yokohama More’s – Yokohama


For the final place, this beer garden is not in Tokyo but it is very near Tokyo. Enjoy beer garden with a view in Yokohama More’s rooftop. An Asian night market-inspired rooftop beer garden. The food that you will be served is a mix of beef, pork and chicken served in Asian-style bbq. The price varies Depending on how long you would like to drink. For 90 minutes its 3,900 yen, 120 minutes is 4,400 yen and for 180 minutes is 4,900 yen.  

These are our top recommended spots for BBQ and beer gardens in Tokyo. We hope that you will have a great bbq time with your loved ones and enjoy the beer garden in Tokyo. Enjoy your summer and keep smiling!

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