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How to Deposit

3 ways to deposit

I find it more convenient to deposit using only my phone and no bank account
QR Code
See how to
I have a preference for using ATMs over online banking
Smiles Wallet Card
See how to
I have a bank account in Japan and do not have online bank account
Bank Transfer
See how to

QR Code

1. Go to the nearest Seven Bank ATM


Tap “Deposit/Withdrawal
Money transfers”


Select “Scan QR code
using smartphone”

2. Open the Smiles app and scan
the QR Code


Tap “Deposit”

screenshot tap deposit


Tap “QR code”


Tap “Scan QR code”

screenshot tap scan qr code


Scan the QR Code displayed on the Seven Bank ATM screen and tap “Next”

3. Enter the company number


Check the company number
in the Smiles app

screengrab enter company number


Enter the company number on the input screen of the Seven Bank ATM

4. Confirm the transaction by tapping “Confirm”

5. Insert the bills


Insert the bills into the ATM slot


After confirming the entered amount, press “Confirm” to finish the transaction

6. Deposit completed! Check your new balance
on the home screen

See detailed guidelines

Smiles Wallet Card

What is Smiles Wallet Card?

smiles wallet card smiles premium card

Directly deposit to Smiles!

No need to input payee info!
See Card features

How does it work?

1. Tap “Deposit” on Home
2. Select “Smiles Card”
3. Choose your preferred card and tap “Order”
4. Confirm the address to ship and tap “Confirm order”
5. Once your card is delivered to you, go to any ATM and start making deposits

Bank Transfer

Link Account

What is the link account?

How does it work?

1. Tap “Deposit” on Home
2. Select “Bank Transfer”
3. Tap “Create Account for FREE”
4. Review “Important Notes” and tap “Create now”
5. Your account is created! Deposit to this bank account from any bank you prefer and it will automatically be deposited to your Smiles Wallet

Yucho Direct / ATM / Counter

How does it work?

Step 1

Deposit from any bank

Step 2

Report your deposit

Step 1

Bank details

Input one of the banks’ details shown below when you make a deposit.

smile payment partner bank youcho
Bank Name:
Code Number:
Account Number:
Account Name:

Smiles Tips!


You can check from the Smiles app too!

Step 2

How to report deposit

1. Tap “Report deposit”
2. Upload deposit receipt, input details and tap “Report deposit”
3. Tap “Home” to complete the process. Note: PLEASE DO NOT REPORT AGAIN


  • For deposits coming from Yucho (Japan Post) Bank accounts: as long as the transaction is done within business hours, the deposit will be funded within 15-20 minutes after reporting the deposit.

  • For deposits coming from other Japanese bank accounts: if your transaction is done within business hours, the deposit will be funded within 15-20 minutes after reporting the deposit. However, if the deposit is sent after banking hours and during weekends, the processing may take place the next business day.

  • For deposits using the Smiles Wallet Card: the amount transferred will be funded automatically to the app's digital wallet balance without reporting the deposit.

No, Smiles does not accept credit card payments. All transactions must be done via bank transfer or Smiles Card.

No, you are not allowed to use someone else’s bank account to deposit to your app’s digital wallet. You can only use either your own assigned Smiles Wallet Card or any of your Japanese bank accounts.


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