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Tips for foreigners to pass credit card screening

Tips for foreigners to pass credit card screening

Tips for foreigners to pass credit card screening

If you apply for a credit card, you will be worried about whether you will pass the examination next time. Here are some tips to increase the screening pass rate.
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Table of Contents

1. Prepare as many documents as possible to prove your identity

 In addition to the required residence card and bank account, having multiple ID cards such as a passport, health insurance card, and driver’s license obtained in Japan will further enhance your credibility.

2. Have documents to prove your income

If you are staying in Japan for work, it is an advantage to have a document that proves your income because it will increase the trust of the credit card company.

3. Being able to receive and answer in Japanese

Since the terms of use of the credit card company are written in Japanese, you must tell them that you can read and understand the contents in Japanese.
If you can tell the card company that you can speak, the card company can trust that the explanation and terms are understood, and it will be easier to pass the screening.

4. How long have you been in the same job?

If you are staying in Japan for work, it would be a great advantage to be able to prove how long you have been working. If you find that you have a stable income from your work, you will increase the credibility of your card company.
Also, when you receive a phone call to confirm your enrollment in the company, let’s respond smoothly. If you can’t answer the phone many times in a row, they may think that you declared a false company and stop the screening process.

5. Do you have a credit card history?

When making a credit card for the first time in Japan, it is a disadvantage because there is no past information. Even if the card does not meet your original wishes, it is important to build up achievements with cards that are loosely judged at first and make the credit card history.

6. Period of stay in Japan.

If your period of stay is extremely short, you may be at risk of bad debt, such as returning to your home country before you have paid. As a card company, they definitely want to avoid bad debts, so the longer the period of stay, the easier it is to pass the screening process.

7. Do not apply for more than one credit card at once.

If you apply for many credit cards at once, you will be urgently determined to be short of money. The card application history remains for 6 months at the personal credit information agency that records payments such as loans and credit card usage history. Once you apply, wait 6 months before the next application.

8. Set the cashing frame to 0

Credit cards have a cashing slot where you can borrow cash and a shopping slot when you shop. Since the cashing slot has a different screening from the shopping slot, it is easier to review without the cashing slot.
If your goal is to pass the screening, set the cashing limit to 0 and apply.

9. Is there a history of overdue?

If you are overdue for 3 months or more, you will be registered with the credit information agency in the form of “transfer information”. If the transfer information remains, it will be disadvantageous for the card examination. Information will not be accessed overseas, but please do not create a delinquency history when using a card in Japan.

Making a credit card in Japan as a foreigner is sometimes very difficult, but if you have the right knowledge and mindset, the screening process is not that hassle.
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