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What’s the new & exclusive Smiles Global Ambassador Program?


Smiles Mobile Remittance has a new membership program for customers who are passionate about the money transfer service and want to help others support their loved ones overseas. Those who qualify for the program will be named Smiles Global Ambassadors (SGA). 


The SGA Program is exclusive where members are carefully selected among tens of thousands of customers from around the globe. They must demonstrate a passion not only for the service but also volunteer themselves in helping others support their loved ones. 

The chart below simply shows how SGAs are initially selected to represent the Smiles brand. First, they follow a Smiles Fanpage (e.g., Smiles Philippines Facebook Page), send money overseas, participate in campaigns and Smiles activities and refer their friends and family to try out Smiles.

SGA flow chart

The one main feature that SGAs have in contrast to other loyal customers is their eagerness to continue to support Smiles and their community. They’ll be active in donation programs and become representatives for Smiles Mobile Remittance like the annual 1 Million Smiles Program to help impoverished families in the Philippines. 


Aside from sharing the love for Smiles Mobile Remittance with others, SGAs receive many benefits. They will be able to join fun-filled events, be featured on social media and more. 


SGAs will also be able to help those who start using the Smiles app. If new customers have questions or curiosities, SGAs can immediately assist them.


Ultimately, Smiles wants to create a tightly knit community where overseas workers worldwide can support each other. Sending money to loved ones is a challenging enough duty, so it’s necessary to create a space where those who are struggling can easily seek assistance.


By the end of 2022, there will be a little more than 100 Smiles Global Ambassadors to represent Smiles and improve communities around the world.

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