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Great Savings from Smiles Loyalty Points Program


Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles) offers high exchange rates, affordable fees and savings from the loyalty points program so customers can get the most out of each time they send money to their loved ones.

The points program allows customers to earn points in a variety of ways from registering to use Smiles services, referring a friend to send money with Smiles or participating in monthly campaigns. Points can later be used towards covering fees in any transaction. 

The purpose of the Smiles Loyalty Points Program is to reward customers’ loyalty and allow them to save on remittance fees and therefore, send more money to support their loved ones to the fullest.

How to Earn/Win Points

Smiles gives many opportunities for customers to earn and/or win points. There are mainly five ways you can earn/win:

1. Register – Register an account on the Smiles Mobile Remittance app and you will instantly earn 100 points.

2. Every time you remit – Every time you send money, you earn 100 points, independent of the amount you are sending. 

4. Refer a friend – If you refer a friend to register an account on the Smiles app, you instantly earn 100 points.

5. Participate in campaigns – Smiles launches daily, weekly, monthly and annual campaigns such as games, puzzles, fun live stream quizzes and other activities that not only connect customers with each other but also give customers the opportunity to win significant prizes of up to 10,000 points. To learn more about our campaigns follow our Facebook page for updates, click here.

How to Redeem Points

To redeem your points, you simply input how many points you want to use towards a transaction on the Smiles app (as shown below). 1 point is equivalent to 1 CAD.

Let Smiles help you make the most out of each time you send money to your loved ones. You deserve to have your hard-earned money get the fullest value.

To learn more about Smiles Loyalty Points, click here.

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