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Important Notice Regarding the Transition from Sendy to Smiles Mobile Remittance

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To all Sendy users, we thank you for using the service, and we hope that your transition to Smiles Mobile Remittance (Smiles) will be a smooth journey. 

We have scheduled the migration of all Sendy accounts to Smiles Mobile Remittance for Apr. 2, 2024. To make this process stress-free, we will guide you on how to transfer your Sendy account balance and points to Smiles and provide the perks and other details about your enhanced experience with Smiles.

The Digital Wallet Corporation and Smiles Mobile Remittance Teams want to be fully transparent with you throughout this process, so bear with us as you review the details below. If you need any assistance or clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Information subject to migration

The following information will be migrated from Sendy to Smiles:

– Personal details including your full name, address, nationality, gender, email address, date of birth, telephone number, occupation, Sendy customer number and other identification information)

– Sendy account balance

– Points

– Remittance transaction information

– Recipient/beneficiary information

– Remittance certificate information

Data other than what’s listed above will not be migrated.

Please note that remittance transaction information, recipient information, remittance certificate information, and Sendy customer number are included in the migration data but will not be reflected in the Smiles app. However, it will be stored by Digital Wallet Corporation for the legally required period.

Preparation required for migration

To migrate your Sendy account successfully, you will need to input the email address registered with Sendy into the Smiles app. Please confirm your registered email address before the Sendy remittance service suspension (Mar. 31, 2024) so you can receive emails as described in the next section, “Migration procedure.”

Migration procedure

The Smiles app will start the migration process on Apr. 2, 2024. The general outline of the migration procedure from Sendy to Smiles is as follows. In any case, the completion of the migration procedure to Smiles will result in the termination of Sendy. The termination associated with this migration process will not incur any account cancellation fees as outlined in Sendy’s, Service Terms of Use.

1. For customers migrating their accounts (customers who have used Sendy before and have not used Smiles):

Please download the Smiles app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After creating an account on the Smiles app’s membership registration screen, agree to the Smiles Terms of Use, the remittance transaction regulations, the Privacy Policy, and the Special Agreement for Account Migration and Integration from Sendy to Smiles (hereinafter referred to as the Migration Agreement). 

Next, perform the authentication procedure for your email address registered with Sendy (you’re required to input your registered email address and date of birth). We will send an authentication code to the email address you entered, so please enter it in the Smiles app after you receive it. Once you input it correctly, the migration process will begin, transferring your Sendy account balance and points to your Smiles account. Upon completion of the transfer process, you will be able to use Smiles. You will be notified by email to the address registered with Smiles once the migration is complete.

2. For customers integrating accounts (customers who have used both Sendy and Smiles before):

You can simply do it yourself from the special menu on the Smiles app home screen. After agreeing to the Migration Agreement set by Digital Wallet, follow the authentication procedure for your registered email address. When you receive the authentication code sent to the Sendy email address you entered, input it into the Smiles app. Once you do so correctly, the migration process will begin, transferring your Sendy account balance and points to your Smiles account. 

After the migration process is complete, the transferred balance and points will be added to your Smiles account balance and points, and you will be able to use Smiles. You will be notified by email to the address registered with Smiles once the migration is complete.

If migration and integration cannot be performed

There may be cases where we cannot handle the migration and integration from Sendy to Smiles due to account status, etc. If you cannot complete the migration procedure in the app due to error messages or other issues, please contact customer support.

Transferring Sendy balance and points

Your current Sendy balance and points will be transferred to your Smiles account after migration, reflecting the balance and points held in your Sendy account at the time of the suspension of Sendy’s overseas remittance service (Mar. 31, 2024).

Points migrated from Sendy to Smiles can be utilized to offset or completely waive transaction fees for international money transfers through Smiles. However, they cannot serve as remittance funds. Each point holds an equivalent value of one yen.

Deposits via Seven Bank ATM

Smiles will allow customers to deposit at any Seven Bank ATM with a QR code. ATM service fees will apply as set by Smiles. Additionally, Smiles Premium Cards can be ordered from the Smiles app and can be used at over 27 thousand Seven Bank ATMs in Japan from Apr. 2, 2024. You can order a Smiles Premium Card for free within the Smiles app after your account has successfully migrated. Learn how to order here.

Please note that details about ATM service fees will be announced on the Smiles News web page at a later date.

Deposits via bank transfer

Bank transfers using the dedicated transfer account of GMO Aozora Net Bank will be discontinued at the same time as Sendy suspends its remittance service on Mar. 31, 2024. We cannot take responsibility for any transfers made to the Sendy transfer account after its discontinuation. If you wish to continue using bank transfers for deposits, you will need to obtain a new transfer account within the Smiles app. 

Similar to Sendy, you can make transfers to GMO Aozora Net Bank, and we now also support deposits transferred to Japan Post Bank (please note that a separate deposit reporting procedure is required for all Japan Post Bank transfers). Customers will be responsible for the transfer fees.

Learn how to deposit via bank transfer on the Smiles app here.

How to send money with Smiles

Please refer to the Smiles website or the app for information on how to send money with the Smiles app. For all former Sendy users, please note that the process is different from Smiles.

Smiles remittance fees and points

After migrating to Smiles, all former Sendy users will be sending money with the transaction fees as set by Smiles. Points will be awarded upon completion of the remittance according to the point award policy set by Smiles. To learn more about fees, visit here.

Re-register remittance recipients/beneficiaries

Your recipient/beneficiary details registered in Sendy will not transfer to the Smiles app. To continue sending remittances or transactions to these recipients through Smiles, you must re-register them in the Smiles app. Learn how to add a beneficiary here. We apologize for any inconvenience and recommend noting beneficiary information before the end of Sendy’s service provision if you intend to continue using it in the future.

Access to remittance statements

You cannot access or obtain past remittance statements from Sendy within the Smiles app. However, Digital Wallet Corporation will retain them for the legally required period. For inquiries regarding remittance statements, please contact Smiles customer support. Typically, statements will be emailed to your registered Sendy email address free of charge. If you prefer to receive them by mail, there will be a fee of 1,100 yen (including tax) per issue.

You can download Smiles remittance certifications through the transaction history menu in the Smiles app at no additional charge. Learn how to download them here.

If you do not wish to proceed with the migration to Smiles

If you decide not to migrate to Smiles after Apr. 2, 2024, please contact Smiles customer support through your preferred channel here.

How to refund your Sendy balance

If you wish to have a refund of your Sendy balance, you will need to cancel your Sendy account. The procedures and fees for refunds will comply with the Sendy Terms of Use, etc., in any case.

If you choose to cancel your Sendy account without migrating it, you will receive a refund at a Seven Bank ATM. This refund will be your Sendy account balance minus a cancellation fee of 550 yen (tax included), issued after the cancellation process is complete. Sendy will provide the necessary collection information if the cancellation process is completed by Apr. 1, 2024, or Smiles will handle it if completed on Apr. 2, 2024 or later.

If your Sendy account balance exceeds 100 thousand yen, the refunded amount, minus the cancellation fee, will be transferred to your bank account. In cases where the bank transfer is not feasible, a cash refund via registered mail will be issued.

Should you choose not to migrate to Smiles after Apr. 2, 2024, and still possess a balance in your Sendy account, the refunded amount will be your balance minus the 550 yen (tax included) fee. This refund can be collected at a Seven Bank ATM, transferred to your bank account, or sent via cash registered mail. Alternatively, if you prefer a refund instead of transferring your Sendy balance, please contact Smiles customer support after April 2, without completing the migration procedure.

For any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Smiles customer support team here.

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