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Celebrating Canada Day with Smiles Mobile Remittance 

Canada Day

Canada Day is the day most Canadians and Filipinos look forward to each year. Celebrated every 1st of July, It celebrates the birth of Canada as an independent nation. This much anticipated holiday is celebrated with pride, patriotism, and festivities. 

Here are the top 5 ways and activities to celebrate:

  1. Wear your most patriotic outfit: Dress in red and white clothing or get simple with just a T-shirt with a Canadian flag or red maple leaf. 
  1. Join the Canada Day Parade: Most cities all over Canada hold parades. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is a constant in every parade as an important symbol of Canada. There are also marching bands and various floats.  
  1. Wave your Canadian Flag: Hang a flag outside your home or wave a flag at a Canada day parade. 
  1. Host a Canada Day BBQ party or picnic: Decorate your party or picnic with Canada-themed party supplies. Host a potluck where guests can bring Canadian-inspired food and drinks. 
  1. Watch the fireworks display:  It is not complete without the bright and vivid fireworks. Each city showcases its own unique fireworks show. Check online for venues of fireworks shows closest to you, and keep in mind that some cities offer viewing areas that may require the purchase of tickets. 


Most Filipinos have adopted and loved the Canadian ways of celebrating Canada Day. But what is important is the spirit of camaraderie, brotherhood, and just the shared pride of being in Canada. Smiles Mobile Remittance Canada participates during Canada Day by joining the local Filipino Association in their fundraising by selling Filipino foods like Noodles, Shanghai rolls, Halo-halo, and the sought-after by everyone in the crowd, Filipino BBQ. 

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