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The Secret of Everyday Great Rates by Smiles Mobile Remittance

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Sending money overseas can require a lot of time, especially when making sure you’re getting the best foreign exchange rates. Smiles Mobile Remittance, known as the most popular global mobile money transfer service in Japan, has a unique achievement in correlation to its “Everyday Great Rates”. It strives to offer the highest rates for many currencies, which is one of the reasons that Smiles has grown to become the number one service in Japan within 5 years of operating.

Smiles is aware that its high rates may seem like they’re too good to be true, but in all honesty, they’re set to help overseas workers financially support their loved ones. 

In order for the service to deliver great deals to send money overseas, Smiles has been developing bold strategies. One of them is to engineer and maintain an advanced IT and AI-based platform.

To learn how Smiles is able to offer high foreign exchange rates when customers are sending money from Japan, Singapore and Canada, take a look below.

4 steps to check today’s exchange rate CAD to PHP

Step 1: Choose CAD to PHP (Canadian dollar to Philippine peso)

Step 2: Input amount

Step 3: Select Bank transfer/Cash pickup

Step 4: Download Smiles Mobile Remittance app & Remit

AI and advanced technology

Smiles implements state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) to make sure that all accounts are 100% guaranteed safety and security. Other technological functions are also integrated into the app developed by the in-house tech team. 

The tech team is made up of skilled professionals. Some members are former employees of Sony Corporation, they served over 150 million daily active users of Sony products network like online TV, PlayStation Network, etc., and others have been engineers and designers of global cloud services for many years prior to joining Smiles. 

Working alongside the tech team is the operation team. They have executed an efficient way to process transactions in real time, using Smiles’ data. This action is the critical reason for Smiles’ “Everyday Great Rate”.

It’s all online

Smiles Mobile Remittance doesn’t mainly operate in a physical store but runs online. Although it’s true that Smiles has recently opened a branch in Singapore to serve customers in person, the service is still primarily online.

The service running online not only allows customers to send money overseas anytime and anywhere but it’s also economical. As a result of a cost-effective method, Smiles can offer high exchange rates. 

Strong partnerships with major banks  

Digital Wallet Corporation currently has deep relationships with large banks all over the world. The partnerships allow Digital Wallet to develop common and standardized data transactions, customer handling, customer support collaboration, etc.

As a result of the alliances, the traditional remittance flow can be cut down and transactions can be processed in real time. Thus, Smiles has established a very solid and fast operation, including real-time foreign exchange which provides the latest and best rates for customers.


Smiles continuously finds ways to serve the best remittance service for overseas workers financially supporting their loved ones. Offering high rates is at the top of the list when it comes to sending money so Smiles is passionately keeping it that way forever.

To learn more about Smiles, click here.

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