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Top 5 Filipino restaurants in Edmonton

Filipino restaurants

What usually brings smiles to most Filipinos in Canada? Eating out with family and friends, enjoying good old delicious Filipino cuisines! Places which have been part of Filipino traditions. Ambiance that brings back memories of special family occasions. They need not go back home to experience and enjoy these well missed happenings here in Canada, their home away from home. So here are the top 5 Filipino restaurants in Edmonton:

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1. Max’s Restaurant

One of the oldest restaurants in the Philippines, it started after the World War II in 1945. Owned by Stanford educated teacher, Maximo Gimenez with his wife Ruby. Max’s Restaurant became known for its tender, juicy and crispy fried chicken. Over the years, it captures the heart of many Filipinos, always a top choice for family celebrations like weddings, baptism, birthdays, and graduations until it has become part of Filipino tradition. Today Max’s Restaurant, also popularly known as “The House That Fried Chicken Built”, has been one of the top Filipino restaurants in Edmonton, and all over Alberta, since it opened eight years ago. 

2. Jollibee

Jollibee is one of the outstanding Filipino restaurants in Edmonton. It is the most popular fast-food chain in the Philippines, now with 70 stores in North America. Jollibee is well loved by Filipinos that it is one of the first they missed when they start working abroad. Filipinos started to line up a day before it opened in Edmonton last August 2019, the excitement was so great! Jollibee captured the Filipino taste in fast food, their signature Chicken Joy is so crispy and juicy, the Jolly spaghetti is sweet with lots of hotdog bits, the Palabok fiesta is rich with real shrimp flavor, and the Burger steak was generously served with gravy and rice, just how we really like it as Filipinos. Jollibee in Edmonton stands to their commitment to serve quality, great tasting Filipino food to every Filipino across the globe and a real value for their money.

3. Cebuchon & BBQ

Cebuchon is a name coined from Cebu, the lechon capital of the Philippines, and Lechon,  a famous Filipino dish of roasted pig skewered in bamboo and slowly roasted in live charcoal. Lechon is always present in every special Filipino gathering. Cebu lechon is well-loved because of its crunchy golden red skin and tender, juicy flavorsome meat. Cebuchon & BBQ is a casual dining Filipino restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta that serves authentic Filipino cuisine and the best lechon in town. But to capture a larger market, their menu has been tailored to Edmonton’s taste buds with a mix of traditional favorites as well as new discoveries. The ambiance is authentic, casual, and fun. Their mission is to bring the flavorful cuisine of the Philippines to Canada and they aim to provide quality food and service in an environment that feels like home.

4. Palabok House

Palabok is one popular Filipino noodle dish that is usually present in every Filipino Birthdays because noodles symbolizes long life. Palabok is a fusion of Chinese and Filipino cuisine, the word palabok in Filipino means “to add some more”. This dish is known and became popular for its toppings of Filipino favorites like chicharron (pork cracklings), boiled egg, oysters, shrimps, squid, green onions, roasted garlic, and calamansi (Philippine lemon).  Palabok House, the Filipino restaurant in Edmonton, brought the delicious recipes from Philippines and China with an oriental atmosphere for families and everyone to enjoy. Established in 1994, it easily became the most popular oriental restaurant until now. They strive for culinary excellence and was recognized as the best place for Filipino and Chinese cuisines. 

5. Filistix Downtown

Who does not love street foods? In the Philippines, delicious street foods are readily available everywhere but in Edmonton, the choices are limited to Hotdogs, Donuts, Ice Cream and kettle corn. This provides an opportunity for business, and in the spring of 2008 Filistix food trailer was born. Three years later Filistix opened their first indoor location, a kiosk, located in the Central Academic Building. Today they currently operate in the University of Alberta Students Union building. Filistix Downtown is their first off campus location opened in May, 2019. They offer an all-day dining concept. Their menu is a diverse crossover of Filipino and Southeast Asian cuisines. Filistix Downtown was such an n impressive Filipino restaurant in Edmonton that it was awarded and recognized as pioneers and innovators in Edmonton’s food scene.

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