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GLOBAL TALENT STREAM (GTS): Easiest Pathway to Work in Canada 

Easiest Pathway to Work in Canada

Coming to work in Canada has become easier with GTS (Global Talent Stream). Under this program, applicants can save money because they don’t need an immigration consultant or agent. The GTS program was conceptualized to help Canadian employers quickly hire specialized and highly skilled temporary foreign workers for jobs that can’t be fulfilled inside Canada. 

Since this program is for Specialized and Highly skilled foreign workers, there are targeted occupations that are divided into two categories: 

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Category A: 

Employers under category A need a referral from a Designated Referral Partner who can vouch for the employer’s legitimacy and eligibility for the category. Every province has a Designated Referral Partner appointed by the government. The employer’s qualifications and initiative will determine if they can hire specialized and highly skilled foreign workers under this category. 

Category B: 

This is the most popular because there will be no need for Referral Partner under category B. But this category is only for Technology sectors or Technology positions. Jobs that fall under Computer, IT, and Engineering (Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, etc.). Skilled workers under this category should be under the occupations found in ESDC’s (Employment and Social Development Canada) list of in-demand but insufficient domestic labor supply. 

Qualified applicants under GTS have the following benefits: 

  • Processing fee is just $1,000.00 and will be shouldered by the employer.  
  • Processing time is just two weeks. 
  • Qualified applicants can get three years duration of work permit.  
  • No LMIA and IELTS requirements 
  • Minimum salary of $80,000.00 
  • No age limit. 
  • PR status after one year 
  • Open work permit for spouse 

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